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Dynamic Consultants Group has implemented Microsoft Dynamics solutions for a wide range of telecommunication companies with functionality designed specifically for them. These solutions include comprehensive systems that provide a fully-integrated, 360-degree view of pre- and post-sale activities with each client contact.

Today’s world of communication is changing daily and a cutting-edge solution is a must.

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Delivering personalized customer experiences with agile solutions powered by Dynamics

Telecommunication companies are striving to increase customer share, enhance customer retention, and raise revenues while staying ahead of the competition. Dynamic Consultants Group provides custom Dynamics development further to develop a customer data warehouse and knowledge management. We take a look at your current internal processes and functions and build solutions that work seamlessly with every team member. Save money and increase your ROI with networks that create and deliver value to your targeted customers at a profit.

Tailored Customization provides you with advanced technologies and functions that are essential. Dynamic Consultants Group delivers solutions and services that are aimed to cover the whole process: contact with a customer, purchase, maintaining a strong partner relationship, etc.   

Complete Integration guarantees trouble-free system operation. Implementing a CRM can take much time, cost, and effort if you don’t have the right resources. Our full-stack team provides you with all of that. Smooth integration and correct functionality are essential for working out a solid communications strategy and elaborate robust project

Upgrade and Maintenance. As your business changes, you may want a few more extensible dashboards or even another application within Dynamics. We are a lifetime partner to you and your company!


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Streamline Business Support Systems

When we integrate Dynamics into your business, you can expect to simplify workflows and become more efficient through intelligent processes and automation on a trusted and secure cloud. Empower your teams with next-generation services. Our custom solutions allow you to deliver exceptional customer experiences with the information and insights at the right time.

Deploy and optimize next-gen networks

We use Automation paired with AI to increase telecommunication network efficiency, reliability, and scalability, and capitalize on new service opportunities enabled by 5G.

Our advanced analytics help drive down costs, realize efficiencies, predict, then avoid service disruptions.

Transform customer experiences

Why Choose our Consulting Services?

In comparison to out-of-the-box software, our customizable solutions are designed to streamline and automate processes within your particular organization in the most efficient way. With a custom CRM system, you can quickly plan, design, implement and execute many customer-oriented initiatives. Tailored to your company’s specific needs and priorities, a custom solution will give you a competitive advantage.

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