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We specialize in seamless ERP migrations, ensuring a swift and secure adoption of cloud technology. Whether your project needs to be rescued or you’re ready to upgrade for the first time, we’ll guide you to operational excellence.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central:
A New Horizon of Operational Excellence

At its core, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a comprehensive business management solution that offers a holistic approach to managing operations. What sets it apart is its emphasis on seamless integration – the ability to bring various functions of an organization together under one digital roof. Gone are the days of disjointed software applications that lead to data silos and inefficiencies. With Business Central, departments from finance to supply chain, from sales to customer service, can effortlessly collaborate and share information.

How Your Company Can Benefit From a BC Upgrade

BC isn’t just a mere replacement for GP; it represents a bold step into the future of your business operations. It’s time to embrace the advanced analytics, robust reporting tools, and intuitive interfaces the cloud solution has to offer. We will guide you in leveraging these capabilities to optimize your operational workflows, empower data-driven decision-making, and streamline your financial and supply chain management.

Capabilities GP Business Central
Platform and Deployment A traditional on-premises ERP system, GP is designed to cater to the operational needs of various industries with a focus on financial management. Part of the cloud-based Dynamics 365 suite, Business Central brings the same robust functionalities as GP, enriched by cloud accessibility and scalability benefits.
Accessibility and Flexibility Limited in accessibility due to its on-premises nature, which may restrict remote access and real-time collaboration, impacting agility. Enhanced accessibility as a cloud-based solution, enabling seamless access to critical business data and processes from any location, at any time. This promotes remote collaboration and empowers rapid response to market changes.
User Experience and Customization While customization options exist, extensive effort and expertise may be required to tailor the system to specific business requirements. Boasts a contemporary and user-friendly interface, fully customizable to adapt to unique business processes. The platform facilitates adaptation and configuration without intensive coding, enhancing agility and user satisfaction.
Integration and Collaboration Integration with other systems and Microsoft applications may necessitate additional development work, potentially slowing down the implementation process. Seamless integration with Microsoft's suite of applications, including Office 365 and Power BI, ensures efficient collaboration and seamless data sharing across diverse departments.
Maintenance and Upgrades On-premises deployments demand significant investments in infrastructure and continuous maintenance to sustain optimal performance. Cloud-based Business Central shifts the responsibility of infrastructure maintenance and upgrades to Microsoft, alleviating your team's burden and ensuring constant access to the latest features and updates.

Our Migration Approach

Reshaping systems and processes can be challenging, especially with multiple stakeholders. That’s why we leverage our innovative approach to our innovative approach to making your ERP vision a reality.  

Starting with strategy development, we align priorities with the technology’s power for seamless workflows. We create immersive envisioning workshops that craft your digital roadmap, preparing you for true transformation.  

We then align existing processes with benchmarks, defining impacts like customer engagement and cost savings. This outlines a clear, impactful roadmap that tells your digital story. The visual assets and immersive experiences provided in this step ease change, mitigate risks, and deliver measurable results.  

Transitioning from vision to execution, we help you propel change, deploy tech, and measures success. Now, you’re not just adapting to change – you’re leading innovation. Empowered by our approach, you can invest wisely for a transforming future.  

Don’t Put Off Your Migration Any Longer

Our Microsoft-certified experts recognize the critical nature of your immediate transition to Business Central and are fully mobilized to execute a time-sensitive migration strategy. The time to act is now, and our dedicated team stands ready to accelerate your journey towards modernization