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Security Through the SPEAR Framework

After exploring the key elements of the SPEAR framework – Surveillance, Performance, Excellence, and Automation – allow our security experts to provide you with a roadmap for your business improvements.

Simplify Your Approach to Security

If you had a breach in your Microsoft environment, would you know it? To take that question a step further, would you be able to respond quickly? Listen in as Management Consultant Will Donovan asks Modern Cloud Practice Director Michael Richardson key questions that could help your organization take a simple approach to securing your Microsoft Cloud environment.   

Topic Experts:

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Michael Richardson

Practice Director, Modern Cloud

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Will Donovan

Management Consultant

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Claim Your Security Assessment Today!

Allow our consultants to perform a structured discovery of your existing Azure and Microsoft 365 environments with recommendations for improvement. Our low-lift, high value assessment can help reduce risk and accelerate future IT endeavors. Rather than signing for a large IT project up front, this allows you to more completely understand your environment and needs so that a future project can be scoped and planned with a high degree of confidence.

Your Assessment Will Cover:

Licensing & Available Security Features

Enabled Security Features & Configurations

Azure Security Center

M365 Security Center

Why Partner with DCG

DCG is a team of consultants you can trust. With 500+ successful projects and implementations, we know how to assess and gather information about your current infrastructure and business needs to help you determine the best fit for your infrastructure. Beyond building a project roadmap to meet your goals, we can implement the changes that need to occur and deliver workshops and training along the way to help educate your teams. We’ve used our proven methods to help 150+ companies achieve their business goals, and your organization could be next!