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Microsoft Co-Sell

DCG works with partners around the world to provide the greatest level of service and care to their clients while providing them with financial incentives. DCG helps partners engage in new markets and tech.

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Co-Sell

Partners are the growth engine for Microsoft, and Microsoft is the growth engine for partners. As we are one of the original Microsoft co-sell partners, we have experienced the benefits of being a Microsoft Partner. Co-selling allows us to work directly with Microsoft on joint selling opportunities to reach a large community of customers, take solutions to market, drive joint revenue, and ensure customer success.

Lead the way for Business Transformation

Microsoft delivers millions of referrals to partners every year, helping businesses grow relationships and reach new customers. This new approach to generate the ultimate sales success will make you understand why co-sell matters to sellers. Partners need to adopt strategies that employ different avenues of sales opportunities. Three partner selling motions are:

  1. Sell through partner – Partners sell and/ or resell Microsoft technology through their sellers.
  2. Services Co-sell – Sellers and partners collaborate to sell a partner’s project and/or managed service with Microsoft technology embedded.
  3. IP Co-sell – Sellers and partners collaborate to sell a partner’s repeatable and packaged IP solution.

Benefits of Partner Co-Sell

One of the main benefits we have seen is growing our sales! Regardless of how small or big, your business is, co-selling with Microsoft sets you on a powerful growth trajectory. Through the Co-sell program, your software products become part of the Microsoft Product Catalog enabling the Microsoft sales teams and Microsoft Cloud Solution Partners (CSPs) to sell your products globally. Furthermore, Microsoft offers monitory incentives to their sales team and the 70,000 CSPs to be selling your products! Some other benefits we have seen include:

  • Accessing new markets
  • Shortening the sales cycle
  • Reducing the cost of sale
  • Growth within current relationships
  • Reaching new customers
  • Work directly with Microsoft
  • Drive efficiency and close deals faster

“Our tremendous success working with Microsoft on the GTM and co-sell motions has delivered our highest sales year, doubled our pipeline of opportunities, and increased our headcount 50 percent in 12 months. Partnering effectively with Microsoft is our single biggest market differentiator,”

– Damon Kelly, CEO at Enlighten Designs.

Unparalleled growth opportunities

Use co-sell to reach millions of customers through the Microsoft commercial marketplace, other partners, and the global sales force. Choose from a range of Microsoft products and program options that can help you start, grow, and optimize your business

Azure IP Co-Sell

An IP co-sell ready solution is a commercially available, packaged, third-party solution with more than 50% repeatable IP code within Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Dynamics. These are specifically ‘app-like’ solutions that have undergone additional technical review to qualify for co-sell status. IP co-sell ready solutions are eligible for sales incentives for Azure and Dynamics. Are you interested in learning more? Here I break down the benefits and requirements for Azure, Business Applications, and Teams IP co-Sell.

Business Applications IP Co-Sell

How do you accelerate IP co-sell for Business Applications? Utilizing solutions built on Dynamics 365 customer engagement, Finance & Operations, or PowerApps, where your partner has signed up specifically for Business Applications ISV, Connect program. A few benefits are Microsoft sellers will be paid an additional sales incentive against the billed targets. This is based on the partner invoice amounts at standard or premium for Business Applications ISV Connect program engagement.

Teams IP Co-Sell

Accelerate Teams IP co-sell with solutions built on Teams within the Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On integration technology. These solutions have been published to AppSource. You will be able to expand the reach of your Teams-built applications and connect with the biggest customer base in the industry through joint selling with the Microsoft sales team. The monthly active usage driven within this motion contributes to all-up Teams Monthly Active Usage attainment. Also, local and area teams can earn scorecard credit for each qualifying win. 

Partner With Us

The Microsoft Partner co-sell program is a significant aspect of our business. Our partnerships are part of our business; we treat our partners and their projects as if it were our own. This co-sell program is built on trust within the Microsoft community and is designed to provide your business with opportunities to share and collaborate with other Partners. If you are thinking about getting involved with DCG – co-sell, reach out to us. We have a full team of consultants, developers, architects, and a sales team ready to answer any questions you may have or guide you through the co-sell process. We would love the opportunity to partner with you!

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Yes, we are a certified Microsoft Co-Sell Partner, we also provide implementations, consulting services, and data migrations to business and partners around the globe.

The Microsoft Commercial Workplace provides access and information on solutions and services available from Microsoft and our partners. Customers can discover, try, or buy cloud software solutions built on or for Azure. Our catalog of 8,000+ listings provides Azure building blocks, such as Virtual Machines (VMs), APIs, Azure apps, Solution Templates, and managed applications, SaaS apps, containers, and consulting services.

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