Microsoft Channel Consulting

As Global Leaders in Microsoft Consulting, we offer full-stack development, implementation, and support for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to partners who are looking for a dedicated team.

channel consulting


Our Channel Consulting services allow Microsoft partners to drive business growth while focusing on delivering a model that will meet their needs. We will collaborate with your team to configure the ideal solution for your company. From staff augmentation to fully white-label consulting, we work together as ONE to help partners achieve the product depth that is needed with the Microsoft stack. 

What is Channel Consulting?

Channel Consulting is another term for partner-to-partner consulting. At Dynamic Consultants Group, we work with the Microsoft Partner community to expand their product lines outside of their core focus. By working together, we can help you achieve the product depth needed with the Microsoft stack quickly and cost-effectively. We have created three partnerships to successfully establish a growth trajectory for our partner network – Collaboration Partner, Placement Partner, and White Label Partner. With these models in place, Dynamic Consultants Group will help you increase profits, reduce costs, improve relationships, build customer loyalty, and instantly scale your business on-demand. 


Collaboration Partner

Growth Model
  • Designed to work as a referral system.
  • We offer you a commission per project. 
  • Our team handles project risk, contracts, billing, and end-to-end system implementations for your clients.  

Placement Partner

Staffing Model
  •  Designed to solve your staffing needs.
  •  We will provide your team with all resources.
  • You will be able to reduce project staff and internally train your business.

White Label Partner

Lifecycle Model
  • Designed as a Microsoft Practice In-A-Box approach.
  • We instantly start working under your brand.
  •  You will be able to develop a new line of business quickly.


Increase Profits

By reducing the amount of time spent on training staff, your business can introduce new product offerings in hours, rather than months.

Boost Customer Loyalty

By having a dedicated team of specialists and expert architects, you will stand out in the sea of consulting firms. Constantly delivering will win over your customer's hearts.

Larger Business Instantly

Having the ability to instantly scale your business, without the time and expense of hiring, training, and developing, can be essential for growth. New projects can be approached immediately, rather than waiting for an opening in your employee's schedules.

Build Stronger Relationships

Offering additional support to your client's various systems can give you a competitive edge over other partners who can't deliver.

Reduce Your Costs

Our competitive consulting fees allow you to price at the market for your services while eliminating the need for additional staff.

Mutual Benefit

It is a known fact that becoming a certified consultant takes an extensive amount of time and effort. We allow you to sell products and software without having to worry about licensing or training. Over time, your customer satisfaction and retention will improve.

Why Partner with DCG?

At Dynamic Consultants Group, we pride ourselves in our partner-to-partner relationships. Channel Consulting is truly the backbone of our business. If you do not have a dedicated team for Dynamics 365, Azure Development, or ERP, that is where we come in. We are a North America based team that will provide your clientele with the same level of care, respect, and attention that you would. We will work with your business and product owners to meet the needs of your clients, on time and on-demand, to help you grow and succeed.

Ready to take the next step?

Channel Consulting FAQs

Once we establish a relationship as partners, we will work with you to determine where your organization fits within the placement scale. By working with your team, we will be able to figure out the best approach when serving your clientele. 

While we cannot share the exact number do to our NDA’s with our partners, we can ensure you that we have worked with over 75 Microsoft Silver and Gold partners. 

We are bound by our corporate values. Ethics and integrity are a core part of the work we do on a daily basis. We currently have strong agreements in place with all of our partners, and will make our partners aware of any communication that occurs with their customer’s directly. 

Yes, we do! We carry General Liability Insurance with an E&O policy. In addition, we carry Cyber Insurance.

We are an entirely U.S. based Microsoft Partner. We are proud to have our employees located throughout the continental United States.