White Label Dynamics 365

Leverage Dynamic Consultants Group’s deep expertise and Microsoft’s leading-edge solutions to upgrade your business relationships, operations, and ROI. We know CRM! Let us become your Dynamics 365 Implementation team. We increase Microsoft Partner revenue by 32%  on average.

Implement Your Customers Vision Fearlessly

What Is White Label Consulting?

Simply put, we provide consulting services to Microsoft Partners that extend beyond the scope and capabilities of their business. We work with your customers on your paper, your brand and your email! We make it simple, you control the billing, the relationship, and the licensing. Your customers will never know we exist, and they continue to get the same great customer service, support and capabilities.


It takes 120 seconds to spin up an Azure VM, just like spinning up a VM, Dynamic Consultants Group is your “VM” we’re ready to go at a moments notice. We’re your full time resources for projects you don’t have a team for, but without the cost of full time resources.   


White Label Dynamics 365 Implementation can be done with our team of expert solutions architects, developers, and functional consultants. We have a full staff of completely onshore resources. That can be used any time at no additional cost.


We’re a time and materials team, so when we’re not working with your clients we’re not billing you. Simple as that, we have a flat blended rate for CRM and ERP meaning you can price your projects simply and know you’re making a great margin.  


We are able to directly interface with your customers as your team without the downtime of having to hire,or scale for a project or a customer request. Why are we better than hiring a temp employee or a contractor? It’s simple, contractors and temps are single resources, with single focus knowledge. We are an entire team at your disposal. 

Learn How We Can Help

Access to Our Dynamics 365 Implementation Experts On Demand

We Help Planning Your Implementation

We work with Microsoft Partners during the planning of your customers implementation.  We engage with your team from pre-sales to delivery. If you have ever implemented a CRM or ERP product, you understand the stress, sacrifice, and company commitment required to pull off a successful deployment. And if you have ever implemented both an ERP and CRM at the same time, you probably can relate to the feeling of coordinated chaos! We help you manage that, and even more, we help your clients manage that. 

Use Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Our team of tried and true, architects, developers, industry experts, project managers, and consultants have years of experience. If your customers are going to implement a CRM or an ERP application, make sure that you have subject matter experts (SMEs) are able to allocate time towards both work streams. An SME’s expert knowledge is indispensable to a project – they can provide crucial feedback on the solutions, the implementation, and how the solutions will support the organization. This feedback helps reduce project risk, and support user adoption post-implementation.

However, we can sometimes forget that these SMEs also have a full-time job that they need to keep up with. To make sure your leadership team understands the importance of SME involvement in the project, you must communicate to stakeholders and steering committee members the impact that SMEs can have on the project, and, in turn, on the business.

We Help You Determine the “System of Record”

When the time comes to begin integration discussions, it’s important have a team that is able to help you to determine which system will be the “System of Record” or hold the “Master Data.” Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is typically chosen for this role or another ERP system, but Dynamics 365 for Sales can sometimes be chosen as the “System of Record,” depending on the data it will need to store. Having a team of CRM and ERP  experts can help your businesses navigate the requirements that define when these prospects are converted to “customers,” they are “sent” over to the ERP system, with their information now residing in the ERP system. Making these decisions around a “System of Record” during integration discussions can help with design options, as well as security requirements. Let our team of experts help your customers make the right choices. 

We Keep Your Team Aligned Important Implementation and Business Timelines

Budget and Timeline are the two biggest factors to you and to your clients. Our Architects, and consultants take that seriously, delivering the same quality and timeliness that your company is known for is important. Another important factor to consider when planning and deciding on an implementation timeline will be the “year-end closing” month for your company. Use this time to back into an agreeable and attainable deployment plan. The year-end closing month is probably the single most important date that can be easily overlooked during initial planning and can cause delays in Dynamics 365 “go live” plans. Our team helps you to communicate that to your customers before there are costly overruns and delays. 

We Build Your Customers Cross-Practice Collaboration

We work hard to foster collaborative workshops for solutions that might cross one or more practices. (i.e. Finance and Operations, Business Central, Sales, and SharePoint) This is a follow up on point #1. Be mindful and resourceful in planning ahead with workshops and eliminate duplicate meetings with different consultants by anticipating cross-functional needs. This will help with pre-design and solution plans that will come up further along in the process, and it will ensure the appropriate questions are discussed with the SMEs.

We Believe In Customization Before Integration

Any integrations between Dynamics 365 and another tool should wait until all customizations and migrations are complete, and the other system is up and running. Understandably, this is best case, and not always possible with timelines and milestones to complete. Let our team of dedicated migration and integration experts deliver the tools and the best practices that your team needs to inform your clients on how and when they should add the integrations. 

By doing this it will help you lay the foundation for a smooth integration process. We use the latest industry standard ETL tools for data integration and data migration. Our experience spans numerous ERP and CRM systems, as well as industry leading third party tools. 

Why Should I White Label?

As a Microsoft Partner or company, you have so many day-to-day operations that some requests just cannot be completed in a timely manner. When a client asks for new services, products, or many configurations. It can be tough, especially when you don’t have time, the staff or the knowledge. 

We know that saying no to new work can often be the right choice, but it can also hurt an existing relationship. Clients may seek out a new partner or company that can handle their requests, with that their existing business could go with it. Your company should always focus on what you do best, by having a team of white label consultants you can keep your customers happy and engaged by never turning them away to another partner. 

That’s where white label services can be the perfect solution for your company. With Dynamic Consultants Group and your team working together, we can help you. Increase profits, reduce costs, increase relationships, build customer loyalty, and instantly scale your business on demand.