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Power Learn Summit Dallas

Wednesday, December 22, 2021
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What is Power Learn Recruitment Summit Dallas?

We are excited to announce the Power Learn Summit Dallas will be held on Wednesday, December 22 in Dallas, Texas. This conference is for anyone wanting to transition away from their current careers and into the technology world. There will be an introduction, presentation, free dinner, and a Q & A session to explain more about Power Learn and the opportunities that come with taking this 16-week class. After the session, interview times will be allotted to those who think Power Learn Academy is the right fit.

Date: Wednesday, December 22

Time: 6:00 – 7:30pm (Interviews to follow)

Place: 8840 Cypress Waters Blvd Suite 130, Coppell, TX 75019

Cost: FREE for all registered attendees

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss, register now before spots are filled up!

What is Power Learn Academy?

It is more than just a career change program. It is an apprenticeship. Power Learn is a 16-week program designed to help those looking for a career change. This university alternative allows people from all walks of life to take the plunge into the technology arena. Power Learn is a part of Dynamic Consultants Group, a leading Microsoft Partner in the space of Microsoft Business Applications. 

Microsoft Technologies are some of the fastest-growing in the software and applications space. You know Word, PowerPoint, and maybe even Microsoft Teams – but Microsoft has about 100 more applications that power the top Fortune 500 companies. Power Learn will take you through 16 weeks of intense training, teaching you consulting, essential development and programming, applications implementations, as well as project management. At the end of the course, you will be a certified Microsoft consultant with a job in the industry. No credit check required.

Where is Power Learn Recruitment Summit Dallas?

Venue: Cypress Waters
Venue Address: 8840 Cypress Waters Blvd Suite 130 Coppell TX 75019

Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking for motivated and talented people with the aptitude and drive to learn in our 16-week Power Learn Intensive Course. This is an entry level job that doesn’t require any experience in the IT Professional Services field. If you are passionate about a career change and are willing to learn and work for it, you are qualified for this job!

This apprenticeship is Part-Time for the first 16 weeks, with a consistent class schedule of 9:30 am – 5:30 pm. Upon the successful completion of the Power Learn course, the position will be upgraded to full-time employment at Dynamic Consultants Group.

  • We are looking for students that have the aptitude and drive to study and learn in our 16-week course
  • The student must attend class every day, arriving on time and stay until its conclusion
  • Be attentive and involved in class discussions and labs
  • Take quality notes and being able to refer back to them
  • Ask critical questions to best understand the material being covered
  • Perform technology labs assigned to you by our Solution Consultant Instructors
  • Complete classwork satisfactorily and on time
  • Maintain a passing grade, at minimum
  • Study for and complete the PL200 exam to become Microsoft Certified
  • The ability to handle pressure and push through the challenges of learning complex material
  • People who are intelligent, hard-working, and have good critical thinking skills
  • Experience solving issues with little to no direction
  • Confidence in public speaking and interest in learning how to be a good presenter
  • A creative and open-mind, interested in solving problems and finding way to innovate
  • Focused, serious, motivated people with a strong desire to upgrade their career path

We are looking for individuals who are interested in technology or consulting and have a stable work history, but experience in technology is NOT required. Customer service skills and working in fast-paced environments are a plus.

Annual compensation: $55,000

Benefits Offered: Dental, Life, Medical, Vision

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