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Launch your digital transformation path the right way. Our team of expert architects, consultants, and trainers can help you master the complexities of transitioning to the cloud, moving to a new platform, or increasing user adoption. Start your projects on solid ground with our advisory and assessment services. 

Evaluate & Accelerate Services

When you make critical decisions about your organization and the technology you need to continue ensuring success, it is vital to make the right initial choices and decisions. Our global team of expert certified Microsoft consultants and architects can help you navigate the waters of change. We enable your digital transformation and modern workplace growth, as well as cultivate innovation through increased ideation to implementation.

We are here to support your needs. If you are looking to migrate to the cloud, implement new security, better understand licensing, optimize your software platform, or are ready to adopt AI – we have the tools and experts to serve you. With time and project-proven methodologies, we help your organization every step of the way. 

We are a customer-first organization from your first interaction to the last – with an approach focused on delivering the best solution to meet your budget and your business needs.

Digital Feedback Loop for Data Intelligence

Microsoft Solution Roadmap

Implementation success is dependent on several factors, one of them being a concise and well-documented plan of attack. Our Microsoft Solution Roadmap is every project’s basis and foundational building block. These workshops and documentations are crucial differentiators to our competition. We do not just sell software or even consulting services. We take time to understand the organization, the needs, the fit, and the project risks, complexities, and processes before we ever offer a technology solution. This helps resolve 95% of all common project problems by getting everyone on the same page. 

Microsoft Solution Roadmap Deliverables

Implementation Scope — Dynamic Consultants Group will thoroughly review your project’s technical and functional requirements through architect-led workshops. This will give you complete visibility of the level of effort involved across the entire organization.

Integrations & Migrations — We work with your team to understand the complexities of your data, the path it travels through our organization, and its importance as a whole. Then we work to eliminate waste, overwork, and underperformance in your data. We do all this with the future of AI initiatives in mind, to ensure that you have the needed structure to provide future value at scale. 

Entitlements — Licensing can be a complex and daunting task during digital transformation. We understand the complexities and the nuance of this. We work with your team to craft the correct approach to licensing by analyzing your structure, growth plans, and deployment to make cost-saving recommendations and agreements to save your time and expense. 

Reporting — We skillfully work with your executives, operations team, and everyone else to understand current gaps to provide a solid foundation that supports the organization. 

Risk Assessment — Our expert team will surface and demonstrate the risks associated with the project to reduce the overall project footprint through consolidation, auditing, future needs assessment, process improvements, and cybersecurity threats. 

Analysis — To close the gaps, Dynamic Consultants Group will analyze your current organizational processes and the organization’s planned future state.

To read the complete deliverables list or learn more about the specifics of the solution roadmap program, click the button.

Microsoft License Advisory - Entitlement Strategy

Work with our licensing experts to best understand your options, and gain a holistic picture of your current needs and plans. Understand the contractual obligations and potential discounts that are available to your organization. During our licensing advisory and entitlements strategy workshop, you will realize the 5-year total cost of ownership of your implementation. See cost savings on the technology you use the most with structures for contracts that will grow with your needs and fit your current system. Dynamic Consultants Group is a global leader in Microsoft Business Applications, giving us the unique ability to maintain vendor relationships while supporting our customers locally and abroad.

Microsoft Entitlement Strategy

Stage 1 – Regulatory Compliance — Understand the data locations and local, national, or international regulations for where and what is owned during deployment.

Stage 2 – Entitlements Roadmap — Identify the future state of software and business objectives to create a sustainable and cost-effective technology stack.

Stage 3 – License Advisory Strategy— Develop the licensing strategy based on scenarios from the findings of the previous phases.

Stage 4 – Agreements & Negotiations — Interface with stakeholders and Microsoft to negotiate the optimal structure and pricing for current and future technology demands. 

Stage 5 – Implementation — Implement the new agreements,  maximize benefits for optimal ROI, and stakeholder buy-in. 

Digital Transformation Strategy

Our Innovation Lab (The Lab) is an end-to-end framework for accelerating digital transformation in organizations. The lab helps you generate innovative ideas and equips you with the practices, technologies, and expertise to turn those ideas into business value rapidly. When you work with The Lab, you bring customer pain points into focus. You empower your team to take manageable risks and accelerate speed to market. You adopt leading-edge technologies, speed up product development and measure the value of everything you do. We support you in your business goals, whether that’s helping you respond quickly to disruption or guiding your full-scale transformation.

The Lab Experience

Co-innovation — Dynamic Consultants Group will help chart your transformation journey with our proven framework for guiding you from ideation to build to scale.

Technology — The Lab ensures your solution has proper architecture and scalable infrastructure to provide future value with deep expertise in cloud, AI, application modernization,  data science, automation, cybersecurity, edge computing, and more.

Partnership — We are not traditional consultants. Instead, we’re dedicated to making businesses more robust and capable with a collaborative approach to exchanging ideas, experimentation, and support.

Scale — What is the difference between innovation and transformation? It’s scale. The Lab is designed to engage in enterprise-level workloads, manage complex environments, and more. 

Speed  — We have a lot of experience in early technology adoption. The Lab is exclusively equipped with solution accelerators to enable customers to benefit from practical applications and maximize speed to value.

Expertise— Our Innovation Lab comprises of architects, data scientists, thought leaders, business strategists, and the experts you need, when you need them.

Office 365 Security Optimization Assessment (SOA, SOAaS, SOAR)

Cybersecurity threats are abundant today. However, having a frequent cadence of assessments that checks the status, risk, and areas of proactive change to ensure your most critical systems stay operational is second to none. Our Office 365 SOA aims to help you educate your team, to build and develop a framework of industry-recognized functions to maintain a protection and detection posture that allows you to respond rapidly to the changes in cybersecurity threats. This assessment is based on three models; the SOA – a single-use assessment, SOA as a Service for year-round assessments, and SOAR – the remediation of the actions found during an SOA.

SOA — We will work directly with your team over the course of four days during an SOA, 12 days for SOAaS customers, and five days for SOAR projects. During that time, our deep does a deep technical dive into your Office 365 environment to assess configuration information, perform operations surveys, and meet with your administrative team to find areas of change, risk, and the path to remediation. 

Remediation Planning Playbook — This playbook allows your team to have a list of documentation describing the changes that need to be made to system controls with details about the overall system impact, the risk, the impact on users, the overall cost to remediate, and the urgency of recommendations. This is the core deliverable of the SOA and becomes the roadmap for the SOAR project.  

DFR – Detailed Findings Report — The DFR is the next phase in the project and provides you with the detailed outlines of the RP Playbook, including complex remediation processes, risk analysis, affected dependencies, cybersecurity function, and more.

Knowledge Transfer — We skillfully work with your executives, security, and support teams to determine the action items and overall details as they work with email security, O365 services, identity protection, and more. This will give your team the confidence they need to make the decisions that will increase and strengthen your security posture.

Security Optimization Assessment Detailed Findings Report

Dynamics 365 ERP Rightsize Analysis - Which Microsoft ERP Do I Need?

Your ERP software is a critical component of your organization’s digital transformation strategy. However, selecting an ERP system is an even more complex process. Microsoft can make the process even more complicated by introducing two complete ERP platforms – Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance. We have a proven process for helping you select the suitable ERP that will fit your current needs and your growth strategy for your long-term ERP needs. 

Dynamics 365 Finance Dashboard

Finance and Operations Rightsize Analysis

Phase 1 – Feature and Fit/Gap Analysis — Dynamic Consultants Group will work with you to determine which ERP best fits your current needs and future plans without adding additional costs via third-party ISV solutions.

Phase 2 – Licensing Utilization Review — Business Central and Finance have cost and license implications that can be far-reaching throughout your organization from day one to day 1000. We help you understand the price and the ROI of each tool and the benefits associated with each. 

Phase 3 – Implementation Costing Optimization — Understand the cost of your implementation beyond the software spends. Get a holistic picture of the organizational cost.

Phase 4 – Providing Recommendations & Solution Options — Finally, the team will work with you to present the best solution for your organization. 

Project Health Assessment

A project health assessment enables your team to take a step back from the daily execution of tasks to evaluate the actual status of the project objectively. Project teams deal with the possibility of failure every day. There are numerous reasons why projects fail, many of which can be avoided with a project health assessment. Our team discreetly works with you to help those customers who feel their implementation is failing or their partner is not performing to the highest standards of excellence. We can rapidly assess a project and quickly diagnose issues, risks, and mitigation steps to improve it.

Implementation Challenges — We will work directly with your team to review the progress and highlight the current issues, slowdowns, bottlenecks, blockers, and failure points. Then we will create a comprehensive strategy for project recovery, including a cost-to-repair analysis. This gives you the tools needed to get your partner back on track or allows you to give your new partner a path to success. 

Data Integrity — During our analysis of your project, we will investigate your current data structure and load while researching your integrations’ integrity. In addition, provide an overall data throughput of your onboarding. 

Partner Participation — We’ve worked with many partners over our time as a company- navigating these complex relationships to help you share direct and meaningful feedback while moving the overall project forward on time and within budget. 

Customer Participation — We skillfully work with your executives and project team to establish open lines of communication and resolve issues within the organization through process consulting and change management consulting. We can help you overcome the walls internally that are holding your projects back. Giving you unbias approaches to project success.  

Project Risk Analysis — Our team of skilled, certified Microsoft architects would work with you to expose and mitigate your project’s risks and ongoing issues. We are helping you reduce potential project blockers, overruns, and failures to launch. We help you to see the risks upfront and steer around them.  

Tasking & Duration — Finally, our team of professionals will achieve results by bringing innovation and transformation together with the outstanding tasks and items needed to get your project back on track. With estimated tasks, timelines, and budgets, our team will give you back the keys to your implementation.