Make Complex Entitlement Strategy Simple

Microsoft Licensing Advisory

Gain a real understanding of the true cost savings on the technology you use most with a structure that fits the growing needs of your business. Make software choices based on a position of knowledge and strength with our team of experts who can walk you through every step of the process.

What does our Licensing Advisory Cover?

We understand that Microsoft Licensing has become complex and can be needlessly expensive. DCG has the best team of Microsoft licensing experts in the industry to help you get optimize value at minimum cost for every Microsoft purchase and renewal. Our service includes:

  • Define a negotiation strategy, and help you align your buying team with Microsoft awareness
  • Identify and simplify the best-fit options for licensing that meets your technical requirements
  • Cost-model the options and guide you through selecting the most desired outcomes
  • Provide tactics for negotiating Microsoft agreements with best-in-class rates
Our deep experience allows us to know what most mid-market and enterprise organizations need. We find most customers have a tough time tracking the licensing changes and the product terms during the term of the Enterprise Agreement, so when it comes time to negotiate their renewal, Microsoft typically has a significant advantage of licensing knowledge. This is where Dynamic Consultants Group will equip your organization with the licensing solution that fits your team. We’ll explain to you all about the licensing changes and the most current updates, so you will be able to meet your short and long-term key success drivers and organizational objectives.

What is a License vs. an Entitlement?

Microsoft Licensing

A Microsoft License refers to the terms and conditions of use of a product or service.  Licenses are the caveats and the boundaries attached to the use of a specific app or service. This includes the definition of how that software may be legally used.

Microsoft Entitlements

Microsoft Entitlements represent the “right of use” for an individual or organization.  This right to use can consist of multiple services or products and has virtually no limitation in terms of scope (time, usage, breadth, depth).

If it's a New Purchase or Microsoft Renewal, Savings Are Just The Start

When it comes to Microsoft Licensing and Cost Optimization, our team services and regularly delivers optimized savings on Microsoft Licensing costs. If your organization is large or small, we can help you navigate your Microsoft purchase complexities. That’s just one aspect of the value we provide to organizations. DCG’s Microsoft Licensing experts help you to:

  • Optimize the efficacy of strategic initiatives through the accelerate of migrations to cloud services (e.g., Office 365, Azure, etc.), digital transformation, and AI adoption
  • Serve to increase your flexibility by structuring Microsoft renewals and new purchases for minimum lock-in requirements and maximum flexibility
  • Help you to identify an internal Microsoft sourcing roadmap that aligns your current and future requirements with the vendor’s product roadmap, market strategy, sales, and revenue priorities
  • Uncover areas of license/subscription underutilization and overutilization to improve your internal software asset management capabilities
  • Negotiate a strategy with Microsoft  that gives you more leverage while actually strengthening the client-vendor relationships
While yes, we are a Microsoft Reseller – our unique partner models and work with Microsoft allows our Microsoft software optimization services, including analysis and recommendations, to be 100% objective and 100% focused on your best interests. We provide you with Microsoft licensing help and guidance that helps to reduce your overall Microsoft license costs and compliance risk. Why? Because almost every organization has Microsoft spend, and Microsoft licensing transactions are extraordinarily complex. With thousands of licensing and subscription permutations with high cost, usage, and compliance implications – we work to provide you a solid strategy to navigate these complexities. These complexities make it more challenging than ever to purchase Microsoft licenses, and we help.

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A Proven Strategy of Success

Stage 1
Regulatory Compliance

Understand the data locations and any local, national, or international regulations during launch.

Stage 2
Entitlements Roadmap

Identify the future state of software and business objectives to create a sustainable stack.

Stage 3
License Advisory Strategy

Develop the licensing strategy based on scenarios from the findings of the previous phases.

Stage 4

Interface with stakeholders and Microsoft to negotiate the optimal structure and pricing for your needs.

Stage 5

Implement the new agreements, ensure benefits are being maximized for optimal ROI and buy-in.