Create a scalable Microsoft practice on-demand and at scale. Start selling, consulting, and providing support, implementation, and development for the worlds leading Microsoft business applications. Limit your risk and exposure by using certified professionals.

Complete microsoft services practice on demand



We offer consulting companies the ability to create and scale a Microsoft Azure or Dynamics 365 practice onto their existing service offerings, at no additional cost. Unlike recruiting firms and placement companies, we do not charge for our services until you are billing clients. Meaning you can test out a full stack Microsoft development and implementation practice without the risk.

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What is MaaS (Microsoft as a Service)?

Microsoft Co-Sell is a tool for Microsoft Partners that allows them to access services resources on-demand and at scale. What about those who are not Microsoft partners? MaaS (Microsoft-as-a-Service) allows Oracle, Salesforce, IBM, or third-party applications to spin up and down a full-stack development and implementation team for Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 or Office 365 at a moments notice, without hiring or adding to their current staff. This service reduces risk and allows you to scale to your customers’ needs when you have them.

How Does It Work?

By partnering with Dynamic Consultants Group, you will get access to our award-winning technical team and our support staff, our sales team, and our delivery engine, comprised of architects, developers, data scientists, and more. Helping you win your next deal becomes our highest priority from our sales team through our 24×7 support team. We help you craft responses, work through technical questions, estimate services, and put together final proposals. Once we win the deal, then we staff the project with Microsoft certified technicians.

How Do I Make Money?

Each of our partners will average between a 30-60% services revenue lift on our team. Meaning your team can collect an additional 30-60% revenue on projects where you have no resources attached—saving you money on hiring, professional development and certifications, and payroll. Most of our service contracts are written to provide tax-deductible benefits to our partners, further increasing revenue to your bottom line. There is no cap on; income you can bill our team out at whatever rate you can. We have some partners billing our team at $425 per hour to their customers. Finally, we are a $0.00 cost to you until we are working on a billable client, meaning our pre-sales, technical discovery, and more at no charge. Read more below to learn more about our full range of services offerings. 

Benefits of microsoft as a service

Learn how Microsoft’s changes to support affects you and what you can prepare to continue supporting your team.


Protect Your Brand

We step in to instantly work as your sales, marketing, deliver team; working under your brand.

Unlimited Opportunity

When a new project comes along, you will have the ability to scale your business instantly.

Increased Profits

Our services can help you reduce downtime and introduce new product offerings within hours.

Partner With Us & Start Selling More

Placement Partnership Program

Our Collaboration Partner model is designed to work as a referral system. As a partner, we can relate to the day-to-day operations of running a practice. We will work directly with your customers, while offering a commission per project. Our team will fully manage project risk, contracts, billing, and end-to-end system implementations for your clients. We aim to provide your customers cost effective and technologically reliable solutions for their business needs.

Collaboration Partnership Program

Due to ever-changing technology in today’s society, it is understood that product offerings will eventually have to be modified. This model focuses on providing your team with all of the resources that you need, without the risk associated with hiring additional staff. Our goal is to provide your clients with the technical depth and project enhancement that is necessary. As a business, you will be able to introduce additional offerings and scale new business models in hours, instead of months.

White Label Partnership Program

White Label Consulting is the practice of having an outside firm step in and consult on your behalf. The idea of developing a Microsoft practice from start to finish may impose too much risk for many partners. Our Microsoft Practice In-a-Box approach provides organizations with a cost-effective way for companies to operate, by providing your team with trained consultants. This model allows us to step in and instantly work as your sales, marketing, and delivery team; working under your brand.

Dynamic Consultants Group has experience supporting all Microsoft technologies including cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions. We have over 15 Microsoft certifications. Leverage Dynamic Consultants Group’s Microsoft expertise to optimize your Microsoft technology. We connect you with the right subject matter engineers who can solve your issues right away. Our technical account managers and solutions architects can understand your business challenges, and ensure you receive unparalleled expertise, accelerated support, and strategic advice tailored to your customers’ IT environment. Included in our partner program is access to Microsoft Premier Support includes service include delivery from a Designated Support Engineers (DSE) and Technical Account Managers (TAM). Dynamic Consultants Group is more than just an implementation and sales partner we are also a full stack support team with direct access to Microsoft. Giving you, and your customers peace of mind.


I'm already a Microsoft Partner, How can I get In on This?


Microsoft Co-Sell Partner Program

Partners are the growth engine for Microsoft, and Microsoft is the growth engine for partners. As we are one of the original Microsoft co-sell partners, we have experienced the benefits of being a Microsoft Partner. Co-selling allows us to work directly with Microsoft on joint selling opportunities to reach a large community of customers, take solutions to market, drive joint revenue, and ensure customer success.

One of the main benefits we have seen is growing our sales! Regardless of how small or big, your business is, co-selling with Microsoft sets you on a powerful growth trajectory. Through the Co-sell program, your software products become part of the Microsoft Product Catalog.

Certified Microsoft Co-Sell

Start collaborating with a trusted Microsoft Partner who’s invested in advancing your mission! Get access to the right team when you need them.

Start Accessing More Revenue

Dynamic Consultants Group is the the fastest in-market team on the globe. Get the help you need when you need it, all at the speed you demand.
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As your trusted partner, Dynamic Consultants Group can mend the gap that professionals often face with Microsoft. We are global leaders in Microsoft consulting and offer full-stack development, implementation, and support for partners looking for a dedicated Microsoft team. Dynamic Consultants Group is a North America based team that will provide an expert level of care to your clientele. Partnering together starts with defining value and business goals. Together, we can address gaps that you may have in your offerings and fill them with our own strategies. Maximizing the partner opportunity means constantly pushing for better results and seeking new partnerships. Consider how working with another partner can help with competitive differentiation, increase customer loyalty, and accelerate customers’ move to the cloud. We can work together as one team to thrive as a business, accelerate opportunities, and grow profitability. 

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