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Power Learn Academy allows you to easily hire resources, save on recruiting fees and salary expenses, and know you’re making the right hire. With competencies in business applications, software engineering, and power platform, our Power Learn apprentices are trained and ready to take on your special project or fortify your project team. Explore our diverse service models to find out how to bring on your new team member in a way that best suits your business model. 

Engage Your Power Learn Resource

Our graduates are great new additions to the Microsoft community. Placing them on the right project at the right time can help organizations meet deadlines and save money. With this in mind, our senior architects help identify when Power Learn resources can take on certain tasks, lowering the cost to implement and go-live.

Explore the Power Learn Academy Curriculum

Power Learn Academy is one of the most challenging and rewarding programs in the country. With an intense 12-week curriculum taught by some of the industry’s best consultants, our apprentices are Microsoft Certified, given extensive project experience, and hired into a full-time position.

Business Applications

Apprentices quickly learn the skills needed to make them competitive in Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting and implementations. They also learn how to manage and administer Microsoft 365 and SharePoint instances, tenants, and environments.

Software Engineering

Apprentices are challenged through an intensive curriculum that covers a full stack, including HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, C#.NET, agile methodology, database theory, SQL Server, Git, and more. These topics are presented by Microsoft experts that help our apprentices understand the business impact of their work.

Power Plaform Makers

Apprentices develop technical fluency – using Microsoft’s Power Platform to assist clients in getting the most out of their data, allowing them to visualize their business in a whole new way. Power Learn apprentices collaborate with clients to effectively use Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate.

Clients Love Our Power Learn Apprentices

"It was pretty seamless. [My resource] being able to come in and take the project and run with it has been a good experience."

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It’s time to embrace a new way to bring on talent. Partner with Power Learn and gain exclusive access to a curate pool of dynamics and talented professionals who are ready, day one. Let’s get you connected to your next great hire today.

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Power Learn Academy was created to provide our clients and partners with access to low cost, talented resources. Investigate further into all the amazing things Power Learn Academy can do for your organization.