Empowering the Microsoft Community

Dynamic Consultants Group & Power Learn Academy

With over a decade of expertise in service delivery and staffing, DCG recognized the need for a new approach to nurture consulting talent that meets industry demands and the complexity of modern business models.

Addressing the Industry Challenges

After 700+ implementations with 150+ partners and clients, DCG identified recurring industry issues that hindered growth and success:

  • Partners are hiring each other’s resources, which lead to constant turnover and increased costs
  • A lack of diversity impacts creative problem solving and employee retention
  • Traditional education systems create high barriers for driven individuals entering tech careers
  • Using offshore resources can create a knowledge gap in localized projects
  • Outdated skillsets and a lack of empathy in experienced professionals affect client support
  • College graduates lack specific Microsoft and Consulting skills needed for effective job performance

Pioneering a Transformational Approach

To address industry challenges, DCG created Power Learn Academy, the premier place to find Microsoft driven talent at an affordable rate. Each year, the academy introduces a new group of fresh talent into the community, driving inovation and diversity live never before. The academy has three goals, and our partners say we accomplish them every day. 

Change Lives

Empower individuals in career crisis with Microsoft technology skills for success.

Deliver Diversity

Foster innovation and leadership by introducing diverse talents to the Microsoft community.

Generate Fresh Talent

Equip partners with highly capable professionals that are pre-trained and ready to excel.

DCG and Power Learn Academy are reshaping talent acquisition, revolutionizing the industry, and changing lives along the way.