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Maximize your business data quality and integrity with DQ for Dynamics and DQ On-Demand.

In late 2019, Dynamic Consultants Group and DQ Global partnered to bring world-class data management and CRM/ERP Consulting. We formed an alliance allowing customers and partners to maximize data quality and data integrity with their Microsoft Business applications. More customers are looking to implement complex data models, use big data and leverage AI and Machine learning, all of which require clean and organized data. Dynamic Consultants Group and DQ Global can provide customers with the tools to not only align their data to the company strategy but can also implement the systems that are needed to achieve these results. With access to DQ for Dynamics and DQ on Demand, our partners and customers are empowered to build and deliver solutions with better data quality and data integrity. These tools provides our customers the peace of mind when doing large or small data migration or integration projects. 

Together, we can accomplish more!

Solution Sectors

With the tools and services to generate a vast array of solutions for a wide spectrum of business needs no matter what sector, DCG and DQ Global have you covered. Improve trust in your customer data, in all the sectors you work in!

Data Integration and Migration

Data integration is complex and messy – but it doesn’t need to be. With our team, we are experts in continually consolidating data between systems to create a single customer view. Migration projects are a breeze with our simple process of extracting your data from one or multiple sources and consolidating it into one or more systems typically. While doing all this, it’s improving your data quality and usability during the process. Dynamic Consultants Group and DQ Global can help your team build and deliver solutions involving integration and migration data. From the simple quality and tagging to complex data mapping, migrations, and machine learning projects – We’re on top of it all. 

Data Integration Solutions

Data Migration Solutions

Products Offered

DQ on Demand empowers developers to rapidly deploy a wide array of data quality improvement services by calling our hosted APIs. 

Switch data providers with ease and enhance your customer data on a pay-as-you-go basis by plugging straight into our DQ on Demand web services.

  • Easy to use!
  • Apiary developer documentation
  • 18+ Data improvement service
  • Web-based API’s
  • Switch data providers with ease
  • Credit-based payment model

Data Improvement Service API's


Match records against surrogate reference data, including addressing which covers 240 countries, location geocodes, company names, people living at an address and more…


Obtain a gender from a given name and segment contact data by job roles and decision-making levels derived from a job title.


Correctly format worldwide Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more…


Generates phonetic match keys used for deduplication, including DQ Fonetix™, Soundex, Metaphone and more…


Split data into parts for entities including email addresses, I.P. address, URL’s and more…


Confirm that something is really available, i.e. an email will truly deliver to an inbox, or a phone will actually ring a landline or mobile number


Withhold or remove selected data from a system.


Compatibility of elements within a record


Transforms data (abbreviate, elaborate, exclude or normalize) in 5 spoken languages and from 12 entity categories.


Score the similarity between records and choose from multiple comparison methods, including Levenshtein, Jaro Winkler and more…


Identify what a piece of data represents. i.e Brian or Sven is a person name, Road, Strasse or Rue are address elements and Ltd or LLC are Company legal suffix.


Merging third party data from an authoritative source with an existing database of first-party data.


Check the syntactical validity of Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, I.P. Address, URL’s and more…

String Functions

StringisISO, StringRemove, StringReplace, StringTransform, String Extract, Stringstartsends, StringExtension, StringCleanse


Acquire additional records which match your selection criteria for download to be added to your chosen system target


Match records based on customizable rules.


Many other functions can be added such as being able to send an SMS.


Update your existing name and address records in order to hold the latest and most current data

DQ for Dynamics is a leading data deduplication and data cleansing solution which works right inside Dynamics 365.

Find duplicates fast using advanced fuzzy searching logic, then review multiple duplicate records side by side, to first perfect and then merge duplicate records. Apply enrichment, validation, formatting, suppression, and many more functions available through DQ on Demand.

DQ for Dynamics Editions

  • Advanced fuzzy matching algorithms
  • International capabilities in five spoken languages
  • Multi-record review screen
  • A vast library of data transformations

Access the wide array of DQ on Demand services from within DQ Perfect & Merge including:
  • Validation
  • Verification
  • Authentication
  • Enrichment

  • Prevent duplicates from being added by searching for them before entering new records
  • Manually tag records as duplicates

  • All foundation Edition capabilities
  • Automation
  • Schedule sessions
  • Post merge de-duplication
  • Across entity matching
  • Audit log
  • Record linking

Access our DQ Perfect & Merge capabilities through powerful API's including
  • Cleansing API
  • Searching API
  • Mastering API
  • Review API

Using DQ for Dynamics will provide:


Data is securely managed within your system - any data transferred is fully encrypted, and no personally identifiable data is stored.


Works with any deployment: On-Premise, in the cloud or through an Internet-Facing (IFD).


Proven matching technologies, developed over 25 years.


Multiple duplicate records simultaneously reviewed inside your CRM system to increase reviewer productivity.


Improve operational efficiency, saving both time and money by scheduling your match sessions and optionally automate the Mastering and Merging of your CRM records.


Set up in 5 easy steps to find and better manage your duplicates in your CRM


Highly configurable fuzzy match rules with flexible scoring and weighting options so you find more valid duplicates.


Use 'Personal', 'System’ or ‘Shared’ Views for filtered matching within the core CRM entities; Accounts, Contacts and Leads.

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