Efficient Real Estate With Metadata

Get your real estate business in check with Property-xRM.  This powerful CRM tool will assist with sales, marketing, customer relationships, and much more. 

Dynamic Consultants Group and Metadata partnered to bring CRM solutions to the real estate industry. We formed an alliance, allowing clients and partners to maximize data integrity with their Microsoft Business applications. 

With access to the Real Estate CRM Software Suite, Properties-xRM, you will be able to “sell more and sell smart”. This CRM system provides a solution that is flexible, secure and cost-effective, with the intention of growing your business.

Together, we can accomplish more!


Property-xRM is a powerful Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. As your real estate business grows and expands, you’ll need a CRM solution to manage client interactions. Whether your real estate journey is starting or is expanding quickly, managing data is critical. This system helps to standardize every client’s information and prospect with ease, all in one system. It will help your team build the habit of working with a solid system from the beginning. Use Property-xRM to maintain and manage the entire business process of a real estate agency. This CRM system provides a solution that is flexible, secure and cost-effective, with the intention of growing your business. 


Properties-xRM helps manage sales, leads, rental, marketing and facility management. This system applies the power and ease of Microsoft Dynamics Real Estate CRM software to the unique, business-critical tasks that real estate management software professionals perform every day by allowing them to utilize tools that users are already comfortable with such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. 

"The Asteco Sales Force has been able to cut the time taken by the sales process by 50%, and has understood the benefits of the system."
Ajith Mathews
IT Manager at Asteco Properties

How can Dynamic Consultants Group help you?

By introducing Properties-xRM software, a system and consultation solution to help your real estate business improve its efficiency and ultimately bring in more revenue. Dynamic Consultants Group offers consultations for your business, data integration and migration, training, and more. Our years of experience ensure you are getting the best CRM implementation services available, all with minimal disruption to your business. This system outlines how to adjust to your business’ needs:

  • Assessment

    Assessment of the needs and strengths of your business

  • Design

    Designing a solution that works for your individual business' needs

  • Integrate

    Integrating the solution into your business and daily workflow

  • Test

    Testing and training to address weak points in the system

  • Final Implementation

    Once DCG starts the implementation process, your business can see results right away