Business Central Bootcamp

Sponsored by Dynamic Consultants Group

Excel Layouts for BC Reports

Presented by Marcella Davis
Thursday, September 22 at 1 p.m. CST / 6 p.m. UTC

The standard BC reports are adequate, but you are looking to create visual reports to give a little more “oomph” to the data without having to involve your IT team. We’ll walk you through how to customize BC report layouts with the full capabilities of Excel such as sliders, diagrams, charts, and pivot tables. You’ll see how to convert your data into interactive displays using the software you are already familiar with (Excel). We’ll also review how to use structured references to create a customer Sales Invoice.

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DCG offers a range of services mapped to your business growth plan and led by industry experts. Whether you’re looking for Microsoft commercial solutions for small to enterprise businesses, or you’re a Microsoft partner looking for robust scalability, DCG can help your business reach it’s full potential.

Modern Workplace & Cloud

By helping businesses leverage Microsoft’s cloud resources the way they’re designed to be used, our clients and partners accelerate business and reduce costs.

Enterprise Resource Planning

If you’re hesitant about which ERP solution is the best fit for your company – you’re not alone. We’ve helped numerous companies identify the right solution and implement it without disrupting business.

Business Applications

Businesses are comprised of people, processes, and decisions. These areas look different at every company, and we take the time to understand them before providing a progressive platform that supports growth and stability.

Premier Support

There’s nothing worse than having technology issues with a rigid or nonexistent point of escalation. We provide flexible, rapid-response support that fixes the immediate issue and addresses the underlying cause.

Custom Development

Our developers often hear “I wish we could just do this..” when clients come to us for custom solutions. Through custom code and application development, we help businesses map their technology to their business practices.

Project Success

Change management, implementations, and digital transformations all have one thing in common: they involve people. We pride ourselves in managing projects fluidly while providing structure to finish on time and without extra costs.

Looking for expert resources to carry your Microsoft project to the finish line?

Low-Cost Resources

With our low-cost, effective resources from Power Learn Academy you can easily save on recruiting fees and salary expenses, and know you’re making the right hire. With competencies in business applications, software engineering, and power platform, our junior resources are trained and ready to take on your special project or fortify your project team. Explore our diverse service models to find out how to bring on your new team member in a way that best suits your business model.

Contract Model

Created to supply resources on a project-by-project basis, Power Learn apprentices augment your project team at an affordable hourly rate.

Staffing Model

Individual Power Learn apprentices are interviewed and hired as an official employee of your organization so you can be provided with full-time resources fast.

Pipeline Model

We recruit a full class and customize our Power Learn content to reflect your organization’s project needs and company culture. 

Franchise Model

With select partners, we equip you with a turnkey option to provide excellent training for your own resource recruits using our methods. 

Partnership Program

There’s a better way to take on (and save) projects outside your organization’s core skillset. Our partner programs allow you to become full-stack at a fraction of the cost. Take a look at various partner models that will enable you to fill gaps in products or services instantly.


Designed as a referral network, DCG works directly with your customers while providing your with commissions on the project.

White Label

Operating as representatives of your business, DCG allows you to instantly add a practice and meet the needs of your client. 


Add a DCG member to your project within hours to increase bandwidth and speed of delivery – turning an at-risk project into repeat business.

How to Save Costs with Power BI

With InSight, you can securely share active data with outside stakeholders and identify what information they value most – all without the added hassle of governance and licensing.

You can gain more functionality, control, governance, and report visibility – while saving money on licensing.