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Food & Beverage Retail Distribution is evolving and we here to help companies to transform for increased profit. Take advantage of new technologies by using our Microsoft expertise and skills.

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Food & Beverage
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We are more than technology experts, we support some of the largest brands in the F&B industry.

Dynamic Consultants Group’s food and beverage practice offers you the ability to analyze and offer recommendations to enhance operational performance. Find a consultant with experience in commercial food service for virtually all types of facilities such as distributors, restaurants, clubs, commissaries, entertainment and sports venues, schools, corporations and government facilities. Completed projects have been located throughout North America and abroad.

Increase productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage companies are striving to increase market share, enhance customer retention, and raise revenues while staying ahead of the competition. Dynamic Consultants Group provides you with the tools that Dynamics 365 offers to further to develop customer insights. Beyond that we help you to increase warehouse and operational management. We take a look at your current processes and functions and build solutions that work seamlessly with every team member. Decrease your IT Spend an increase ROI with a platform  that will create and deliver value to your teams from day one!

Dynamics 365: saves you time and money by helping you manage inventory, production and maintain compliance. Enable your team to confidently run daily production. Get the detailed cost and inventory breakdowns you need. Spend less time on data and more time growing your business.

Complete Integration: guarantees trouble-free system operation. Our full-stack team provides you with decades of industry experience, a smooth integration and functionality. CRM & ERP are essential for your company to stay afloat, we know how to implement mission critical systems.

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Food & Beverage - Powered by Dynamics 365

All of our food and beverage consultants offer services to the hospitality industry and have the experience and knowledge to offer practical, innovative and actionable solutions to food processors, brewery and stills, agricultural firms, restaurants, bars, hotels, conference center, casino and country club owners and managers. We leverage the power of  Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its integration and customization capabilities to provide you best in class software solutions. All seamlessly integrated and connected – gone are the days of SaaS and disparate systems. Microsoft as changed how we look at business applications forever. Our consultants will take a look at your current processes along with your goals and challenges. We use these sessions to provide our team with the information they need to build systems that not only work for you but take your team to the next level. We go beyond simple ERP and CRM project, and we take the heart of what your organization is doing to provide you best in class products.

Enhanced Sales & Territory Management

Improve conversion and win rates
With lead and opportunity scoring based lead scoring models to identify customers most likely to convert and buy. Feed in data from your production team or other sources to increase conversions.

Tailor engagement based on contextual insights
That recommend personalized talking points and next best actions. Keep key accounts top of mind with your reps to increase their pipeline.

Show sellers when and how customers interact
See email interactions, so sales teams can be more proactive and responsive in their emails. Get marketing level insights for your sales. 

Full Featured Inventory & Warehousing

Industry 4.0 with IOT
Drive smarter processes and operations by using the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, machine learning, and mixed reality to optimize people, inventory, processes, and equipment.

Improve Automated Resource Management
across any workload, and track and manage your workforce, machines, and tools, using integrated Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Deliver mixed-mode manufacturing
Support all your manufacturing strategies, including make to stock, make to order, configure to order, and engineer to order.

Simplified Reporting and Analytics

Improve On-Time Delivery
Perform production planning in real time. Account for changing customer demand, material availability, and capacity constraints across multiple sites and warehouses with the Planning Optimization tools.

Get Real-Time Intelligence
Gain full visibility of your inventory and receiving, picking, and shipping operations, and create no-code customized heatmaps of your warehouse processes.

Gain End-to-End Visibility
View your warehouse operations and inventory to effectively manage capacity and consumption of your raw materials and movement of finished goods.

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In comparison to out-of-the-box software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure offer solutions that are tailor made and designed to streamline and automate processes within your particular organization in the most efficient way. Dynamics 365 is a building block system, meaning you can flexibly and quickly plan, design, implement, and execute a number of customer-oriented initiatives – without custom code or a high dollar consulting firm. Tailored to your company’s specific needs and priorities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will give you a competitive advantage and a class leading enterprise application trusted by 98% of Fortune 100 companies. 

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30-60% ROI on Software

Switching to Microsoft saves customers an average of 30-60% on their IT spend over a 5 year period.

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Dynamic Consultants Group helps customers and partners both to maximize budget dollars on implementation and support programs.
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Transforming in-store merchandising and auditing to achieve targeted business goals

The G&J Pepsi IT team used Power Apps to create Store Audit, an app that enables better mobility and flexibility for field personnel. Previously, they’d record key information from a store audit on a piece of paper, then place it in a tray with little accountability and often no resolution. Now those in the field can inspect stores, collect data, provide an aggregated view to leadership, and better ensure customer satisfaction. Similarly, they created a merchandiser app for

better store tracking. If, for example, delivery personnel see displays that need to be fixed, they now know that submitting this information will trigger alerts to the supervisor and upwards. Previously, their only course of action was to email the salesperson, with no assurance the salesperson would be available to respond. “That email could just go in a black hole,” summarizes McKinney. With both apps, information is now captured in real time. 

"The final piece of this puzzle was a vision for the end product’s capabilities. Even though we weren’t a team of coding experts, we knew what we needed to accomplish."
Eric McKinney
Cloud Services Manager

Digital Transformation

Dynamic Consultants Group can help companies just like yours achieve their digital transformation goals. When you embrace technology it is key for a businesses survival. However, it’s even more important in our new normal. We strive to lead a full-scale digital transformation no matter how complex. Having an informed partner by your side to provide guidance and support can help ensure that transformation is a success. Check out more of our resources to help you in your digital transformation and discover ways we can help you.

Agile Methodology

Dynamic Consultants Group can help you achieve the dexterity you need to succeed in the rapidly changing world –  with the upside,  ROI becomes clear: leading an enterprise-wide, agile transformation can help you and your team innovate faster, build more quickly and implement more structure and accountability. But how do you realize all that successfully? With a partner like us we can guide you to success. Learn more about our agile approach, how we’ve helped companies in the past and what you can do to succeed.

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