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Higher education is changing every day, we are leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to empower universities across the world to increase student success.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI (Power Platform) will equip the Student Success team, and the university at large, with access to better navigate information to help students and faculty. Dynamic Consultants Group allows stakeholders across the university access to data and the ability to generate actionable insights. We contribute to the democratization of data expanding applications efforts beyond their core information resources team, allowing a wide range of faculty and staff to develop their analyses and share findings with colleagues.

Support Students & Equip Administrators with Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Higher Education

As the university looks toward its future, they focus on the admissions experience in particular, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is helping to transform the office of admissions. It’s not enough to look at GPA and SAT scores to find the right fit; greater success in finding the right students for each program comes from viewing all of their data points together. This requires a platform that can help admissions teams take a deeper dive into the data for each prospect to choose based on a holistic picture of an individual. This single platform approach lets you deliver more targeted messages helps drive down the noise, increase marketing efficiency, and improve the student-university relationship.

Dynamics 365: Allows your university to save time and money by helping you manage student records, applications and grant and donations management, federal compliance, and more. Enable your university to stay ahead of the pool of applicants confidently. Get the detailed analytics and data you need to remain competitive.

Complete Integration: Guaranteed trouble-free system integration. Our full-stack team provides you with decades of industry experience, smooth integration, and functionality. We understand the need for higher learning and how critical these tools are mainly in this time of “new normal”. This is more than just business applications, and this is your single technology stack to unify all your data!

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Higher Education - Powered by Dynamics 365

Higher education institutions may confront a number of increasing challenges, from dramatic shifts in sources of funding resulting from broader structural changes in the economy to demands for greater accountability at all levels to the imperative to increase effectiveness and efficiency through the adoption of modern technology. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamic Consultants Group are prepared to meet these challenges head-on with industry-leading expertise. 

We leverage the power of Dynamics 365 and its integration and customization capabilities to provide your university the best in class software solutions. Through our immersive sessions, we dive deep to plan and engage with your team to collaborate on a digital transformation path that helps your university overcome the constraints of former technologies and pushes you to the limit of the Microsoft platform.

Applicant Tracking and Management

Find The Right Students Quickly
Get a precise picture of each student prospect to make more holistic picture of each student by finding the best fit for each program by viewing all the data points on a single source of information. 

Data Driven Actions 

No student should ever be lost in a big environment, by extending data usage into the student-teacher dynamic  this allows for faculty to make their own actionable insights. 

Unified Platform Improves Applicant Experience
Streamline the application process and make it easy for candidates stay informed of their status through the entire process from application to offer.

Grant and Donor Management

Full Grant Lifecycle Management
Centralize all grant management tasks, and maintain compliance at every stage. Centralize your oversight and execution process through a single centralized platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Powerful Grant Seeker Portal
Power Apps Portals allows you to communicate and manage recipient and sub-recipient performances and budget details, streamlining reporting and data collection along the way.

Compliance Standards and Reporting
Dynamics 365 makes managing higher education compliance and reporting for grant management as simple one click, reducing your workload.

Powerful AI Based Analytics and Reports

Catch High Risk Students Early
Catching a failing student early can mean the difference between churning out of a program or following it through to graduation, gain visibility into this at a university level in real-time.

Get Real-Time Intelligence
Gain full visibility of your university from staffing, students, and operations, and create no-code customized analytics and reporting of your student processes and program success rates.

Gain End-to-End Visibility
View your university operations and student performance to effectively manage applications and enrollments ensuring the highest quality possible.

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In comparison to out-of-the-box software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure offer tailor-made solutions designed to streamline and automate processes within your particular organization in the most efficient way. Dynamics 365 is a building block system, meaning you can flexibly and quickly plan, design, implement, and execute several customer-oriented initiatives – without custom code or a high dollar consulting firm. Tailored to your company’s specific needs and priorities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will give you a competitive advantage and a class-leading enterprise application trusted by 98% of Fortune 100 companies.

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University of South Florida utilizes data to optimize the student experience

The introduction of Microsoft Power Platform (Dynamics 365 and Power BI) will equip the Student Success team, and the university at large, with a solution to better navigate that information. Today, utilizing Power BI, stakeholders across the university can access this data and generate their own actionable insights. This democratization of data expands the application efforts beyond the core information resources team, allowing a wide range of faculty and staff to develop their own analyses and share findings with colleagues.

This digital ecosystem of tools, including Teams and Microsoft Power Platform, gives professors and advisors an immediate student success solution to monitor and engage with students in real time. A professor can notice when a student is struggling and reach out in a more digital-first manner; an advisor can notice when a student’s habits drastically shift and confirm that everything is okay. Together, USF and Microsoft are working to ensure students feel seen, understood, and empowered.

"The whole vision is ‘One university, multiple campuses.’ It doesn’t matter where you are; your experience should be seamless."
Sidney Fernandes
System Vice President for Technology and Chief Information Officer

Digital Transformation

Dynamic Consultants Group can help universities just like yours achieve their digital transformation goals. When you embrace technology it is key for a universities survival. However, it’s even more important in our new normal. We strive to lead a full-scale digital transformation no matter how complex. Having an informed partner by your side to provide guidance and support can help ensure that transformation is a success. Check out more of our resources to help you in your digital transformation and discover ways we can help you.

Agile Methodology

Dynamic Consultants Group can help you achieve the dexterity you need to succeed in the rapidly changing world –  with the upside,  ROI becomes clear: leading an enterprise-wide, agile transformation can help you and your team innovate faster, build more quickly and implement more structure and accountability. But how do you realize all that successfully? With a partner like us we can guide you to success. Learn more about our agile approach, how we’ve helped universities in the past and what you can do to succeed.

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