Our Approach

Dynamic Consultants Group is a solution consulting company, made up of the industries best consultants, who specialize in services and solutions tailored to your industry and business model. We have consulted for, implemented, developed, and supported hundreds of companies, and thousands of users in various sectors both nationally and internationally.

What do we offer…

✓ We will consult with your team to develop a CRM and ERP business strategy. ✓ Document current, as well as future state business processes. ✓ Efficiently implement and integrate the appropriate technologies into your business. ✓ Educate and motivate your team to execute your business and technology strategy. ✓ We offer first class and on-demand support for your users and technologies.

You are a dynamic business, We are Dynamic Consultants

As a leading System and Software Consulting Provider, Dynamic Consultants Group strives to make every client effective at building, keeping, and maintaining relationships through consulting and development on CRM and ERP systems and processes. Dynamic Consultants Group offers implementation, consulting, development, and integration services against the Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft .Net, and Microsoft SQL Server platforms, as well as a variety of Add-on solutions that further enhance each product’s flexibility. We fully understand that no single out-of- the box solution will work for every industry, so we tailor our services and products around your business model and your industry. You are a dynamic business and we are Dynamic Consultants Group.

Making The Right Choice!

We have implemented hundreds of business software solutions and have vetted all them all, so we know the pros and cons that few will admit to during the sales process.

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