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Microsoft Solution Roadmap

Any implementation is a journey. Start yours the right way—our expert architects and consultants will work with your team to identify the most significant areas during implementation. We help you to establish clear priorities based on business drivers and most significant areas for improvement.

What is a Solution Roadmap?

Our Microsoft Solution Roadmap is the documentation and plan that addresses both short and long-term goals with specific technology solutions and business process recommendations for your implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM or ERP. The active involvement of key decision-makers and stakeholders during the solution roadmap development process results in a plan to maximize the technology investment by aligning process improvement with user experience and technology required for a successful digital transformation project. 

Why is a Solution Roadmap Important?

Before any project, building a documented roadmap for a CRM or ERP solution establishes clear priorities, key success metrics, and business drivers that reflect your business strategy and outlines critical budget planning steps for upgrading to Dynamics 365.  Dynamic Consultants Group’s Microsoft Solution Roadmap provides an actionable plan to implement, upgrade or migrate your CRM or ERP technology stack. Our experts evaluate the latest functionalities and features while assessing and sequencing improvements based on business priorities and opportunities.

Deliverables of a Microsoft Solution Roadmap

Functional & Technical Scope

Our workshops are tailored to take time with the most critical people in your implementation project to support the business objectives and goals. From this, our architects craft the best solutions to help you increase your speed to go live and lower costs.

Integrations & Migrations

Second, to the implementation, data migrations and integrations are commonly required phases to your implementation. We help you with a mix of experience and purpose-built tools that help scale your migration at speed and with efficiency. 

Entitlements & Licensing

Resolve the complexity of the licensing structure of Microsoft and third parties from day one. Our experts will help craft the exact license structure your organization needs to meet current and future goals during your most significant times of growth.

Reporting Strategy

Reporting and business intelligence are becoming the most critical part of supporting a growing organization. We skillfully craft meet and work with your executive team and the overall team to create a reporting package that supports the whole team.

Project Timelines and Work Breakdown Structure

Complex projects are not new to our team, and we thrive on them. That’s why our architects and consultants are skilled at showing you the project’s overall timeline and a breakdown of the items needed to implement your Dynamics 365 solution at scale.

Project Costing and LoE

Our team of expert architects will work directly with your team to craft a cost-effective solution for you to determine the level of effort for your implementation project. A single-cost solution you can trust.

Supplemental Applications

Third-party applications are a component of any implementation, be it integrations or actual customization. We will work with your team to provide the best solution for your project.

Resource Utilization Matrix

Understanding the resources involved in your project and the overall engagement of us and your team will help you realize the true human cost of your project and your software.

Post-Launch Support

Implementations don’t just end when a customer goes live. We can continue supporting your software long after you go live, helping you optimize your overall project expenses.

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Benefits of a Solution Roadmap

Having a holistic view of your Microsoft deployment can really help you to:

  • Mitigate business and legal risks related to improper software implementation
  • Align our organizational goals with IT and the business units.
  • Optimize license and entitlement investments based on accurate data
  • Highlight consolidation and migration opportunities
  • Modernize ongoing processes to ensure greater implementation adoption

Pain Points Addressed by a Solution Roadmap

A Solution Roadmap can mitigate a variety of implementation issues before you even begin.

  • Understand a have complete control over implementation investments
  • Have an upfront picture of all risks and non-compliance
  • Reduce surprises, and unbudgeted costs to get a true-up spend
  • Reduce Shelfware or overspending of software that is owned but not used
  • Gain a proactive vs reactive approach to your implementation and vendor management

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Dynamic Consultants Group is a Microsoft consulting partner with projects around the globe. We understand and know how painful projects and user adoption can be! That is why we’ve created some simple methods for increasing project success and high user adoption on all projects. When you start with an excellent project plan and tie in exceptional user adoption, your projects will always be a success from start to finish! 

We want to implement tools that allow project teams structure with flexibility, and that is why we chose an implementation framework rather than a methodology. A framework allows for each project team to have their own interpretation of how the tools will be implemented. We manage projects in a more fluid manner, while still providing structure for reporting progress, risks, and change control – without additional costs or project risks. 

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