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Choosing a consulting firm can be a challenge - primarily when you haven't worked with one before. We are here to help you understand why you should choose us and what to look for during the selection of a consulting firm for your implementation projects.

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Selecting a Microsoft partner is a critical step during the course of your project. How your implementation, support, or project goes all comes down to your partner. Selecting the right one can be daunting and tough. We outline below the steps that you should follow when selecting a partner for your next project – whether it is Dynamic Consultants Group or another partner, make sure you find a team that aligns with these principles. 


Communication is the key to a project’s success. Find a partner with good communication – both frequency and method; before, during, and after the sales process. This factor is the most critical and will set the entire project’s tone if you feel that you are pulling teeth to get answers and basic details. It’s time to move on; this frustration will carry on during your project’s implementation and support. It is not worth the headache. Dynamic Consultants Group makes it a point to be ultra-responsive and even has internal metrics and tracking for clients’ response times to ensure proper and fast communications.


Projects are complex and have a variety of moving parts and items. Ensuring your partner has a transparency policy helps you maintain a level of trust that some partners do not offer. This transparency comes in the form of pricing, project management, and communication. Dynamic Consultants Group takes pride in being a full transparency consulting firm. With our transparent pricing model, you know there are no hidden costs. Our transparent project management means you will always know the state of your project, good or bad. We don’t sugar coat our communications with your team. Meaning you make the right decisions.


This is the third and final important part of selecting a partner. Planning takes many forms in project planning, budget planning, and implementation of post-go-live support planning. Dynamic Consultants Group works from day one to ensure that our team is planning and working with your team to achieve your goals with both the timeline and the cost in mind. Our team of solution architects and sales engineers works closely with your team to provide them detailed pre-sales planning meetings and documentation and solution road mapping and go-live support plans that ensure your long-term success and growth.

How to Pick a Consulting Company

Understanding a Consulting Company Profile

When you look for a consulting company, you need first to assess their ability to meet your needs. For example, don’t go to an SAP partner to do a Dynamics 365 Implementation. Find a firm that specializes in the need that you have. This is done by first defining the key precise objectives that you need to have met. This will help as you vet firms against your needs. Only once you’ve created this list of objectives and have this knowledge can you start to verify offers and narrow down firms. Your due diligence at this phase will prove to be extremely valuable in the long term. 

There are millions of consulting firms in the world today. Each of them has a different specialization and competency in the business areas that they consult for. Here is a list examples:

Wide Range Competencies Companies

These companies are typically financial consulting firms such as KPMG, PwC, and others. These firms have expanded their operations to provide more services at the request of their customers.

Management Consulting Companies

Management companies, much like wide range firms, are ones like Bain & Company who have focused on a style of consulting that has more to do with the management than the product.

Product Consulting Companies

These organizations focus on a single product line and provide management, process, and technical consulting around one product like Dynamic Consultants Group.

Specialized Consulting Companies

These are highly specialized firms that focus on a specific type of sub-industry industry, such as technical oil pipeline consulting or environmental consulting. 

Your initial reaction may be to choose an agency or firm with a very narrow specialization; it is a good idea to take a pause during your evaluation and consider other options. A partner from a niche area is not always the best fit or the right partner for your project. If your business has a more broad business problem that requires knowledge from various industries, markets, segments, and areas – the ability to take on a challenge from a different perspective is as important if not more important than experience in a given area. This is an important decision factor when considering a long-term partnership or project. It would be best to have a consultant who has experience in many areas, who can guide you through your project. Dynamic Consultants Group is that partner. Our broad experience in industries, technologies, and implementations allow us to bring a perspective that few other consulting firms can offer. 

How do They Communicate?

How a consulting firm manages a project may be more important to the client. This important factor is how the firm delegates tasks and keeps the project on timeline and budget. Additionally, it separates areas of responsibility between the project team’s individual members, and even the client is important when a project is composed of various competencies, products, or integration areas.

The largest factor here is communication with the client. It should be organized to provide the client with complete and transparent knowledge about the project and in a way that is as concise as possible. During the course of the project, work is performed by several people (often architects, functional and technical engineers in a given field, they are responsible only for a small part of the project). If there is no single coordinator, then it is not a convenient solution for the client. This often leads to the breakdown of timelines and project success. 

If there is a project manager, then even if they do not possess the architects’ competencies working on the projects, it’s a big win for the client. The project manager will supervise the team and their work, gather requirements and information about every aspect of the project, and then report to the client and inform them about any potential risks or issues. This way, the project manager can give the customer frequent feedback at every step of the project and provide information on any problems.

Having a single point of contact is convenient for you, the client, also when you need to make a critical comment or express dissatisfaction with a part or all of the work. In such a situation, the only person to whom the criticism is directed is the project manager. The client does not have to worry about the redistribution of liability for the identified problem on the consulting firm’s side because it will be handled within the company by the product manager.

What is Their Value Structure?

The final piece you should consider for selecting a consulting company is to assess the project’s value by understanding its cost structure. This selection is highly subjective. Therefore, you should consider the choice by considering all the factors we’ve outlined above, including; the company’s capabilities, the project scope, method of financing and terms, etc. This issue is costly, so we draw your attention to only two cases.

A few consulting projects will require a consulting company recognized as an expert in a specific area or product because of their nature, complexity, and specificity. For instance, these projects can be complex manufacturing implementation projects to obtain government certifications and approvals or reports associated with public markets’ requirements. The clients can choose to work with a renowned (and, consequently, expensive) consulting partner. Often, these are even significantly more expensive than the price-quality ratio would suggest. Still, the aspect of reputation and brand strength can be the decisive factor that you should take into consideration.

More often than not, large companies work only with large consulting firms. Consider, for a moment, a different approach. By working with a smaller (but professional and competent) consulting firm, there is a chance the project can be carried out with more attention and due diligence, as well as the overall attitude towards the scope of the project will be more flexible due to the importance of a large client for a smaller consulting firm. In this case, the price-quality ratio principle may prove to be a great choice.

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