Radical Transparency in Action

Growth in Innovation,
Integrity & Initiative

Together we are building a culture that has transparency and integrity at its foundation. Then we add on innovation across the entire organization for our clients and partners, and teams who take the initiative to expand new ideas.

What does this core value mean?

At Dynamic Consultants Group, our core values are not just something to put on the website or paint on the wall in the breakroom. We take them quite seriously; we make our hiring and termination choices based on these fundamental principles. That being said, these three that make up the G. are some of the most critical in terms of how someone will succeed or fail in our organization. This also aligns with how we look at our clients and partners. So what do they mean?

  1.  Innovation: We are looking for individuals, organizations, and partners that are looking to change the way the world works today fundamentally, be it from the technology we use daily or business models that are looking to disrupt entire markets and industries. Innovation is more than just coming up with the new iPhone. It’s looking at how the world works and saying this can be different, better, faster, and cleaner. Whatever the driving factor is, your goal is to change it for the better.
  2. Integrity: There is nothing more important to DCG than integrity. We work with clients all over the world. Sometimes that means being a part of sensitive data, tough conversations, and consulting for projects on the world’s leading intellectual property projects. This means that we take security, privacy, and the overall trust of our clients and partners with the highest degree of care and attention. Integrity at DCG means more than just honesty and security; it means following through, being responsive, and keeping your word at all costs. We are focused on delivering exceptional value and results to our clients and partners. This value starts with integrity. 
  3. Initiative: We understand that our clients ask us to deliver projects timely and under budget, but one of the things that we do that sets us apart is that we are always taking the next step, the next view, the next project, the next need to heart. We are constantly working to serve our clients judiciously with their time, budget, and resources. Taking the initiative means more than just taking orders and doing the bare minimum, but going the next mile, be it for our clients, partners, or our team. Individuals who succeed at DCG understand this principle the most and live it every day. 

How do we put these core values into practice every day? This comes down to a second nature of looking out for our clients and partners, understanding the needs, and working on new solutions to solve their issues while expanding our business into new markets and across industries to provide disruptive clarity to clients looking to do the same in their space. If you’re looking to join the DCG team, take a look at our open careers, and if you’re looking to become a client of DCG – send us a message. Finally, if you’re looking to partner with DCG – take out an application.