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Executive Leadership

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Chief Executive Officer - Dustin Domerese

Dustin Domerese

Chief Executive Officer

Dustin Domerese is a thought leader and technology innovator within the Microsoft ecosystem. He delivers his vast technical experience in the CRM, ERP, and Software Development industries to business leaders, end-users, and technical leaders throughout the community. Working for Barclays, EMC2, HP, and Microsoft before his founding of multiple companies has provided a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise.

Dustin is a consultant for over three hundred companies across various industries; he is a senior software developer and public speaker. As an entrepreneur, he has founded multiple technology companies in different sectors. As a technology innovator Dustin has trained and worked with hundreds of partners in the Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce ecosystems. His company, Dynamic Consultants Group, has been a finalist in the Microsoft partner channel awards for empowering the Microsoft partner community and advises their clients on all things digital transformation and technology.

Dustin has been a speaker worldwide, presenting many technology-focused sessions with Microsoft. As his hobby, Dustin is an accomplished musician, outdoor enthusiast, and a mostly terrible golfer.

Chief Financial Officer - Kevan Brewer

Kevan Brewer

Chief Financial Officer

Kevan is a CFO and Director of Human Resources for Dynamic Consultants Group. He has been with Dynamic Consultants Group since its inception in 2013. Throughout his career, he has served in various banking, finance, audit, and IT roles. He has spent most of his career working with internal and external stakeholders to improve their processes and increase efficiencies in their lines of business. For hobbies, Kevan enjoys traveling, golfing, and playing music for his church.
Chief Technology Officer - Tyler Domerese

Tyler Domerese

Chief Technology Officer

Tyler Domerese serves as Vice President & Chief Technology Officer for Dynamic Consultants Group. Tyler is responsible for evaluating emerging technologies and their impact on the company, including product offerings. His experience and leadership have focused on building trust and credibility, providing outstanding client service, developing and delivering business applications, and driving organizational profitability. Tyler loves to spend time with his wife and two children. In addition, he considers himself a carnivore connoisseur and enjoys hunting, golfing, and late-night binging on coffee.
Sales, Vice President - Josh Santiago

Josh Santiago

Vice President, Sales

Josh serves as Vice President of Sales for Dynamic Consultants Group. He has had the opportunity to consult over 150 companies across the United States, Europe, and Asia in various industries. Throughout his career, he has served in multiple capacities for sectors such as telecommunications, automotive, and retail. He has spent most of his career working with entrepreneurs and senior management to improve processes, increase revenue, and drive digital transformation. Josh has traveled the globe speaking and presenting; his largest passion is using Microsoft technologies to empower and change lives, organizations, and governments. As a hobby, Josh is an award-winning photographer, an avid reader, a passionate art collector, a philanthropist, an active investor, and a pilot.
Digital Experience, Vice President - Ron Kane

Ron Kane

Vice President, Digital Experience

In his role as Vice President of Digital Experience, Ron brings over 25 years of hands-on experience helping companies of every size drive success through common sense marketing strategy, sales effectiveness and assisting organizations in taking the mystery out of digital marketing.  Ron has worked as a Principal Consultant and Senior Marketing Strategist for some of America’s best companies in Specialty Retail, Outdoor Power, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Animal Science, and other industries. 
Ron has published several articles on business strategy, brainstorming and innovation, and articles showing how marketers can use the new digital reality to their competitive advantage.  When he’s not at work, Ron is passionate about helping churches grow and thrive, working on his golf game, writing, and traveling.

Practice Directors

Dynamic Consultants Group has five main organizational practices: Business Enablement, Enterprise Engagement, Innovation Lab, Modern Cloud, and Advanced Support. Learn about each of our practice directors below, their roles, responsibilities, and how they help grow the organization.  


Business Enablement Practice Director - Tom Northrup

Tom Northrup

Practice Director

Business Enablement is the Client Operations team accountable for implementations and projects related to Dynamics 365 CE & Power Platform. In addition, Tom actively supports the department’s strategy and the growth of the overall department structure.


Enterprise Engagement Practice Director - Marcella Davis

Marcella Davis

Practice Director

Enterprise Engagement handles all aspects of our global ERP projects. Through the direction of Marcella, we have been able to successfully deliver on Finance & Supply Chain Management as well as the Business Central applications of Microsoft ERPs.


Innovation Lab Practice Director - Patrick Vogtner

Patrick Vogtner

Practice Director

The Innovation Lab, under the leadership of Patrick, is critical to DCG for product and IP development. Innovation Lab is the global development arm with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to develop and implement across the entire Microsoft ecosystem. 

Modern Cloud &
Advanced Support

Modern Cloud Practice Director - Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson

Practice Director

Modern Cloud is the Client Operations team accountable for the growth of Microsoft 365 Services, Azure Cloud Services, and Infrastructure projects. Advanced Support is responsible for the overall support of all clients and their active applications stack.