Work on the go with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Your data and business processes are available anytime and anywhere.

Resco Mobile + Dynamics 365

Mobile CRM for apple, android, and windows

Dynamic Consultants Group is a global expert on Resco business mobility by leveraging their products to span your business’ various verticals. Our services are designed to be highly flexible to adapt to your company processes whether that means implementing Resco out-of-box or customizing it to fit your business needs.

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The Power of Dynamics in the Palm of Your Hand

Increase Sales Quotas and Revenue

The companies we possess demonstrate how 65% of sales representatives who work at companies that have adopted a mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas. This is contrary to the 22% of representatives from non-Mobile CRM enabled companies.

Ease of Access to Crucial Information

No matter if you are in your office or on-the-go, you can access relevant data quickly. Resco allows you to work offline with a locally stored and securely encrypted database. It automatically syncs the changes when you have connected again, hassle-free.

Experience the freedom of mobility

Resco CRM is one of the leading providers in mobile business solutions. Collarborating with Dynamic Consultants Group will help provide your business with the best simplicity and flexibility solutions for your operation management. More than 150,000 users currently use Resco CRM.

We provide you with:

  • A highly dedicated consulting team
  • 100% offline solution
  • Complete customization tailored to your needs
  • Seamless integration 

Resco Overview


Create, assign, complete, and evaluate field inspections with ease. With Resco CRM, you can build unique questionnaires, checklists, dynamic forms, and to-do lists. Assign them to users in your team and provide them with the tools to complete inspections efficiently.


Keep your team members informed with planned routes while tracking work progress and location with real-time maps. This app can help drivers by updated the schedule based on past and current data. With additional information about traffic and weather, you can make sure everything gets done on time.

Mobile Sales

Resco is the all-in-one mobile tool that your sales team has been looking for. Resco's Mobile Sales gives your team everything they need while in office and on-the-go: calendars, presentations, activities, communication tracking, direct order creation, electronic signatures, and much more.

Field Service

Resco Cloud helps field technicians track and manage their activities and data anywhere and anytime, even without an internet connection. Notify your field workers instantly when you create a schedule for them. Log any photo documentation, edit pictures, and show the problem and what's been fixed.

Why Dynamic Consultants Group?

We specialize in consulting, implementation, data migration, customization, and services for businesses of all sizes. We’ve helped more than 150 companies (ours included) achieve their business goals. If you are interested in getting started with Resco, give us a call!