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A complete marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Click Dimensions

Third Party App Services

Achieving sales, marketing, and customer engagement goals isn’t easy. That’s why we work with ClickDimensions to help you, your team, and your business reach goals while being more efficient and effective. ClickDimensions leverages some of the best technology in the industry which is laser-focused on marketing automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This is the only solution that is embedded natively in Dynamics 365 allowing users to benefit from a completely seamless platform. While using ClickDimensions, you gain resources that allow you to create web forms, manage events, automate campaigns, and more!

Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

The alignment of your sales and marketing teams working together is critical to the bottom line. Companies that are best-in-class at aligning marketing and sales experienced an average of 32% growth in annual revenue, compared to a 7% decline among their less aligned competitors. 

We are focused on the entire sales, marketing, and customer service perspective within Dynamics 365 while ensuring there is access to data throughout the customer journey. Our ClickDimensions’ services help Microsoft Partners and users worldwide to bring their processes together for bigger business wins. We help you work with essential marketing and sales tools to assist employees in attracting more leads, close more deals, and more effectively engage customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Natively built in Dynamics 365, ClickDimensions is seamless to integrate and easy to use. ClickDimensions was created to help Microsoft users get more out of their marketing in CRM through powerful automated tools. We will ensure that you have relevant and robust marketing technology built right into your CRM system helping you increase revenue and productivity.

Microsoft Azure

ClickDimensions uses Azure’s comprehensive set of cloud services to build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of data centers with integrated tools. Azure’s servers do all the heavy lifting, which means no latency issues. There is a one-way flow of information into your CRM, moving your data into the cloud and then getting pushed into your CRM in real-time.

Power BI

Share insights and analyze data throughout your organization with Power BI. Power BI is Microsoft’s cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution that enables you to visualize data in dashboards and reports. The ClickDimensions content pack for Power BI will allow you to utilize ClickDimensions marketing data in Power BI, giving you greater insight into the success of your sales and marketing efforts. 

Click Dimensions Features

Campaign Automation

Enable your team to create interactive automated campaigns based on users' behaviors. ClickDimensions provides a flow of triggers, timers, and actions in an easy drag-and-drop automation builder. This saves time, empowers team members and users, and creates marketing campaign consistency.

Web Forms

ClickDimensions makes it easy to interact with prospects and customers to create web forms with a drag-and-drop designer. The data that visitors submit within the form is automatically linked to their CRM record. New contact record or leads can be created for new visitors who are not already in Dynamics 365.

Email Marketing

Create great-looking emails right from your inbox. Perform split A/B testing, Connect email marketing with social media, and give recipients more control over communications with subscription management. Along with this, ClickDimensions allows you to email with a stronger focus on deliverability and share email templates between CRM environments.

Event Management

ClickDimensions integrates with popular online event systems directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365. By syncing automatically, you don't have to worry about missing a lead or pulling out your laptop in the middle of a conversation. Sync your data and information across all devices.

Automate your marketing today!

Why Choose Dynamic Consultants Group?

We specialize in consulting, implementation, data migration, customization, and services for businesses of all sizes. We’ve helped more than 150 companies (ours included) achieve their business goals. If you are interested in getting started with Click Dimensions in your business, contact us today!

Click Dimensions FAQ

Because ClickDimensions was built as a Third Party App for Dynamics 365, there is no cost to integrate and will be no hassle with data synchronization. However, if you do not have trained employees or the time to learn implementation, you may have to contact an outside consulting company.

An outside consulting company such as Dynamic Consultants Group helps you stay focused on important projects while we provide you with seamless and cost-effective implementation that will serve your business for years. If you need help implementing ClickDimensions into your business contact us today!

Yes! Because ClickDimensions can be integrated with Dynamics 365, we have so many customization options available.

ClickDimensions is a complete marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics, made exclusively for and natively built within the Dynamics environment.

Explore more about these features on ClickDimensions website. (Link)