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Turbocharge Microsoft Dynamics 365 while simplifying your CRM and XRM

North 52

Third Party App Services

With our North 52 Business Process Activities and Test Shield services, we will turbocharge your existing CRM system. We ensure a unique way that your end-to-end business processes are protected from both planned and unexpected changes.

If you need consultants with high knowledge in code to simplify or add to your solution, we can help! We also use the point-and-click editor within North 52 that is native to Dynamics 365. With custom plugins, JavaScript knowledge, and the point-and-click editor in North 52, you can expect unrivaled productivity for you and your teams.

Reliable Consulting for a Reliable Solution

Microsoft sets the bar high when it comes to being a certified third-party application. The Microsoft Dynamics accreditation sets a small group of proven, tested, and recommended business solutions apart from thousands of other solutions that have not met the rigorous requirements. North 52 meets Microsoft’s highest standard for partner developed solutions. We also base our consulting services off these Microsoft standards and ask ourselves if these solutions will be beneficial and worth your investment. With our proven methodologies and consulting services paired with this reliable solution, we can help you achieve your goals and integrate directly with your current Microsoft products. This allows you to keep everything secure yet readily available whenever and wherever you need it.

Eliminate the need to write custom plugins and code. Build simple or complex buisness rules with the point-and-click editor native to D365

We protect your end-to-end business processes from both planned and unexpected changes. TestShield could save your business.

Package configuration data into your solutions for easy transportation and versioning. Data Packager takes care of everything behind-the-scenes.

Give your Dynamics Project what it needs to succeed

We provide you with globally-awarded consulting services. When you leverage our North52 services in your organization, you can build serious power without writing a single line of code. We take pride in our world-class support to provide you with everything you need from the start of your project until launch. We ensure your business processes, rules, and tests you configure today will continue to work with your CRM for years to come. 

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Key Features

Fully integrated with Dynamics 365

The thing we love about TestShield is that it is 100% Dynamics 365/CRM native. This makes it easy for us to deploy, set up, and requires no additional servers to provision. Reach out to us to integrate this solution today!

Advanced test data generation

We help you to generate test data easily from your existing information. We simply search for your CRM record, select it and any related records, and then click a button to automatically take a ‘slice’ of the data. This data slice can then be used when setting up automated tests and more.

Codeless advanced testing reduces test creation time

TestShield’s Point and click editing interface for setting up test data, defining test execution patterns and specifying the asserts makes setting up tests extremely fast.

Easy to use by BAs, Testers, and Developers

Of course, we will customize your dashboards to fit your specific needs, but the great thing about TestShield is that their interface makes it easy and fast to create end-to-end functional tests by BAs, Testers and Developers alike.

Test and validate across all layers with a single test

We use TestShield to invoke and verify a single test across all layers of the application. This makes it a great fit for your organization to test Dynamics 365/CRM applications that have processes that span across legacy systems, custom applications and cloud-based services.

Over 350 built in functions

TestShield has over 350 built in functions that we use to create and manipulate test data, execute internal and external processes, and define logic for your test asserts.

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North 52 FAQ

You can find the pricing on North 52’s Website. If you are interested in pricing for our tailored North 52 services, give us a call!


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