Integrated Applications with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Third-Party Apps

Enhance the power of your Dynamics 365 Implementation with third-party apps for Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and Power BI.

intensify all dynamics 365 has to offer with third-party apps

Integrating third-party apps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to take your business to the next level with more power than ever before. Enhance your existing tools within Dynamics 365 and customize them to fit your business needs and goals!

The quality and performance of a user’s Dynamics 365 experience is influenced by the kind of applications that users have on the path between them and Dynamics 365. These applications provide you with many benefits and features that enhance the user experience.

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Click Dimensions

ClickDimensions is a powerful marketing automation solution natively built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365. That means there are no integration costs and no hassles synchronizing data between systems – just a complete picture of leads and customers for greater marketing, sales, and customer experience success.

Some of the marketing automation that Click Dimension offers includes tools like email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, surveys, web forms, landing pages, social marketing, and more. Dynamic Consultants Group, our Microsoft Partners, and our customers have all found great value that this solution has to offer.

Scribe online

Scribe Online is the cloud integration platform for IT pros, business analysts, system integrators, and SaaS providers who need maximum speed and flexibility. A platform that gives us the control to fearlessly integrate all your applications, with an intuitive graphical interface that both developers and business analysts love.

We have found scribe helpful to manage our accounts, define connections to cloud and on-premise systems, creating maps to synchronize fields, and viewing execution history and errors. Along with this, Scribe has helped our business provide top notch customer support, personalize the customer experience, deliver fast access to critical financial data, and much more.


Resco Mobile CRM is a market favorite mobile client for Microsft Dynamics 365 . The app; which gives users around-the-clock access to their data from anywhere. Resco Mobile boosts the productivity of sales representatives, field service technicians, managers, inspectors, and anyone who needs to be mobile while working.

With over 800 customizable features, we are sure to find what we need with this solution. We can pick the elements, configure the user interface, functionality, and manage devices running the app. Using Resco integrated with Dynamics 365, the features come to life and bring benefits to companies of all industries and sizes.


This third-party app tax software for businesses that run on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Avalara AvaTax automatically calculates sales and use tax for transactions, invoices, and other activity powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Link AvaTax to Microsoft Dynamics 365 using a prebuilt connection, configure the system to your needs, and enjoy the ease of tax automation.

Along with working with your existing Dynamics 365 solution, Avalara provides automated tax calculation, product taxability, reporting, automated returns filing, easy setup for on-the-go, and support across your entire organization.

North 52

North 52 is a third-party app that works with: Dynamics 365, CRM PowerApps Common Data Service (CDS), Common Data Model (CRM), and more. This is allowing you to save money and achieve goals quickly.

TestShield is a unique solution that helps you automatically test your End to End Dynamics 365/CRM processes.  It is built on the proven and robust North52 Business Process Activities rules engine and offers the ability to repetitively test and report on your key business processes.

DQ global

DQ Global strives to bring world-class data management and CRM/ERP Consulting. Our partnership allows customers and partners to maximize data quality and data integrity with their Microsoft Business applications. 

With access to DQ For Dynamics and DQ on Demand, you are empowered to build and deliver solutions with better data quality and data integrity. Migration projects are a breeze with our simple process of extracting your data from one or multiple sources and consolidating it into one or more systems typically. While doing this, it’s improving your data quality and usability during the process. These two software’s provide you with simple quality and tagging to complex data mapping, migrations, and machine learning projects. 


Metadata works to bring CRM solutions to the real estate industry, allowing clients and partners to maximize data integrity with their Microsoft Business applications. 

With access to the Real Estate CRM Software Suite, Properties-xRM, you will be able to “sell more and sell smart”. This system helps to standardize every client’s information and prospect with ease, all in one system. It will help your team build the habit of working with a solid system from the beginning. Property-xRM provides a solution that is flexible, secure, and cost-effective, with the intention of growing your business.