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Finally, there is a Microsoft Partner for Microsoft Partners. We’re bringing Microsoft Partners to the next level with new service offerings – expanded support and marketing to help you succeed.

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We Will Never Stop Supporting Our Network of Microsoft Partners

Why should you partner with Dynamic Consultants Group?

Dynamic Consultants Group enables partners to scale up and down Microsoft business units on demand. Access resources, pre-sales, and marketing to win deals that fall outside of their core competency. Are you an AX Partner looking to win CE Business or an MSP looking to do cloud implementations? We solve this problem with our unique partner programs and solutions. We allow partners to scale up and down based on need. Our programs allow you to become truly full-stack at a fraction of the cost. The White Label program allows you to create a brand new practice with skilled professionals that fold directly into your brand. Simplify and partner today.

700+ Implementations

Dynamics 365, Azure, Microsoft 365, CRM & ERP, and More

7 Offices Globally

Serving customers around the world - 24/7

150+ Partners & Customers

Win more deals and gain market share against your competition.

Microsoft Partner Programs

White Label Partner Program

White Label Partners experience the deepest integration with our team. We provide marketing resources, go-to-market strategies, pre-sales resources to help ensure you win the deal.

Placement Partner Program

Instantly save up to 60% on staffing costs, recruiting and headhunter fees by partnering. Instantly staff projects with certified Microsoft Consultants - all without extra risk.

Collaboration Partner Program

Gain the best of both worlds through our collaboration partner program, for those who have a practice but need more than simple staffing and are looking to expand.

Microsoft Co-Sell

Learn how partnering with the co-sell program has helped partners to get discovered and expand their operations and customer base by leveraging the Microsoft Partner Network.

Partnership Has Its Privileges

Dynamic Consultants Group’s partner program brings you new insight and manageability to your Microsoft partnership. We help you to unlock the potential of indirect sales across the Microsoft channel by allowing you to service more clients and products. 

Increase Lead Closure Rates

You have spent time, money, and energy to generate qualified leads, and we want to make sure you win that deal. Our pre-sales team is focused on building partner trust and customer confidence for any solution. Our team is at your disposal from start to closure from demos, marketing materials, and technical calls.

Attract New Customers

As competition for Microsoft partners increases, customers are looking for high-performance and single-source partners. Now, more than ever, it is important to offer a full-stack and personalized experience for your customers—Dynamic Consultants Group’s partner programs offer you exactly this.

Increased Onboarding Speed

Once the ink is on the contracts, we’re already in motion. Speed is the key to ramping resources, productivity, and revenue. Dynamic Consultants Group automates the onboarding process and ensures that partners are informed, trained, and ready to deliver exceptional service when their first customer lead comes in.

Amplify Your Partnership

We have helped numerous partners reach Gold and Silver Status with Microsoft. Our team works directly with you to create a go-to-market strategy and execute on it, allowing you to achieve Gold Partner or Silver Partner status faster. Through our partnership program, you can access the resources you need to gain the traction to becoming a major player.

Enhance Your Marketing

Marketing to a new segment or product line can be a challenge. Sacrificing your marketing team’s time is never an easy decision; however, our solution allows you to amplify your brand with new offerings. Partners can find and personalize co-branded content and collateral. Reach new markets faster without slowing down your existing marketing team.

Introduce Customers to Leaders

We make it simple for customers to gain instant confidence in your team by providing you with seasoned professionals certified in all aspects of the Microsoft product offerings. This allows you to meet their needs and solve their business problems faster without the need for multiple third parties and consulting firms. This allows your team to win faster and more often.

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Our Partners Speak For Themselves

Dynamic Consultants Group's partners range from small and medium-sized to Microsoft's largest international partnerships.

We support all partners, large and small, with our team of global experts in Microsoft Business Applications. At Dynamic Consultants Group, you can be confident in knowing that not only are your business needs and objectives are supported by our award-winning staff but so are your customers, allowing you more time to focus on the critical items.

Microsoft Partner Solutions

White Label - Dynamics 365 Implementation

Implement Dynamics 365 CRM & ERP in your organization without the need to hire more staff or take on more risks.

Microsoft Channel Consulting

Learn how we engage the Microsoft community to help support the vast network of partners with their consulting.

Co-Sell - Microsoft Premier Support

Offer customers Premier Support and allow them access to full stack end to end managed support.

Other Programs

Training Programs

View our training library and get your resources help on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and Power Platform. Learn about certifications.

Partner Events

Find events in your area we are attending, sponsoring, or hosting. View the latest details and even register to win prizes.

Partner Case Studies

See how we've helped other partners in the past and how we can help your partnership with Microsoft grow.